Hello again fellow netizens of ca.org.

I'm still researching my schools, but decided to make another thread to put more focus on the titular school. I'm narrowing down my options - Max the Mutt, Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Arts, possibly the Concept Art Academy (If there is no visa issues). But my interested has been piqued by the Academy of Art's online program. I don't have to go through the hassle of relocating to another country, the hassle of going through getting a visa. And since I'm still suffering from depression, that and the problem of medication and health insurance, all are a real barrier to me moving to the states.

But anyhow, enough of that.

Anyone here taken the online courses at the Academy of Art in San Francisco? Anyone know anyone who has? Can anyone recommend it or is critical of it?


Oh, by the way, does anyone know of any good Australia schools for traditional and digital art? Does RMIT in Melbourne fall into that category? Anything else?