And if you're not a subscriber yet, register your software and claim the free benefit. Forget the fonts and the book discount. The post-registration selection window for the bonus stuff doesn't really make clear that you can pick ONLY one.'s been around for years, I know, but it's only now that I've got a month's worth of access to their entire video library. HOLEEEY! Even if you have to subscribe for a month ($25) it's definitely worth it. Granted videos are primarily about software features as opposed to how to make a kick ass illustration, I still find this technical stuff necessary to know.

So far I've seen the Illustrator to Flash series. If you know Chris Georgenes his CS3 Animation Secrets is actually part of the collection. Photoshop is pretty well stocked, starting from version 6 to CS3. CS3 lineup is currently 15 sub-series deep. And they go an hour to 20 hours total run time per topic: "Channels & Masks: The Essentials", "Prepress Essentials", "Color Correction", etc. Lesson given by different instructors. Pretty good quality video and audio from what I've seen so far. Good streams, no choppiness.

Painter is underrepresented though. Just stuff for Essentails, v. 8, and IX. John Derry does the instructing for IX. There are some videos too for Max, Maya, Final Cut Pro (nothing for zbrush or mudbox) but I haven't checked those out yet. I realistically only have time to view and digest the Flash related stuff and maybe some of the newer Photoshop tutorials. "Premium" access includes exercise files.

Time to fill up the holes in my knowledge gap.