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    Yoitisi should we post the photos togheter with the image?

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    This is my final, unless there is an extension

    Vett 4K; the ultmate in high speed deep space combat!

    This is the Deep space fighter for the style conscious mercenary! Curves to kill and BIG 6.6 ton twin icotronic tursters that will propel this one man army from 0 to .60 lightyears/hour in under 3.5 seconds! A top speed of a little over sub light 12, the Vett 4k has two banks of 4 high powered maneuvering jets to keep you on track!* With all that power your gonna want to be able to stop. Four pop up locations each containing 2 reverse thrusters sre mounted on the nose for that back braking STOPPING POWER!

    You may be thinking; that great it goes fast looks better then my girlfriend but how the heck am I gonna kill bad guys in it?!?!?! WELL the 6 Ion Partical cannons in the fixed forward mount will be more then enough firepower for any space critter!

    *Caution! Maneuvering not advised!

    Yeah I realise there are few flaws in my pic but time was the major constraint. I ended up putting this all together in a couple of hours, so I'm happy enough with it for the time spent. Having said that, I'd love to have crits


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    Benza: No that's not necessarily needed for the poll. It'd be nice to see where your design comes from though.

    I'm going to close this round now. The next round will be a follow up of this one and will be up in a moment

    Edit: Poll is up, go vote here: IDW #63: Deep Space Starfighter - Voting

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