Nightblue VS Lininger

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    i like to draw
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    Nightblue VS Lininger

    i would really love to VS someone, nice to meet ya, if your ineterested Im me and we'll figure out the dates.

    topic 1
    player 1 (attacker):he swings at you -
    A- your head cleaves back with a headbutt
    B- you uppercut useing all your might and destroy player 2's face

    player 2 (defender) :you have been hit in the face by the bloodied forhead of your opponant you can draw
    A - a sly dagger unsheathing and plunged into you oponants belly
    B - your character being knocked out cold by a mean brute force attack or head but.

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    Sorry for the late response. I'd love to duel you. If you are still up to it, I'll be the defender using the dagger. You can set the deadline any time this week. Good luck

    edit: actually, since you are already dueling corrick, pm me next week and we'll see if my school kills me by then. If you can handle 2 duels at once, however, more power to you.

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