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    Sketchbook of Devlyn's, The

    Hi guys.

    Earlier this year I became frustrated with my progress and put down the pencils and erasers. Well, I've decided that I'm going to from now on work thru all my frustrations and ask your advice and crits when I feel like I'm running into trouble.

    This is a new sketchbook, my first is in my sig. I made this new one because the look of the other is a little annoying and I don't want people to leave the thread because of the goofy way it loads.

    Nevertheless, I'm still trying to work on my head construction issues. I have improved a good deal, but for some reason I can't seem to overcome a small hurdle. I'm beginning to understand how perspective on the head works and my heads are improving (thanks to Bridgeman books) but my problem is, is that when I start by trying to construct my heads (and this is not when looking on front or side) I lose control of the direction the head is looking!! I mean, I'm getting better at drawing the head, but many times it seems the head is aiming in a direction that isn't quite where I want it to look! This of course causes problems when trying to put together a full human. I've been working on anatomical studies and whatnot, but at this point, I'm pretty much going to stick with heads and hands until I can get them right. I don't see much point in moving on until I do. are some pictures, what I consider my best and worst, I have a bunch of other pages that I just don't feel like scanning (or boring you with).

    If you have any advice on thought process, technique, construction, etc, I would really like to hear it.

    (PS - some of these (you'll know which ) are copied from a book about anatomy lessons from The Masters...)
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    My scanner seems to suck and these came out very light, despite the fact I upped the contrast in PS. I'll try to make better scans in the future.

    Anyway, I bought a wacom tablet with tax return money. I tried my hand at painting a couple of my drawings. as you can plainly see, I have much to learn. While the tablet worked magnificently, I just really don't know what I'm doing when painting yet.

    Here they are:

    This spear guy, as you can see,has plenty of issues with his construction. Again, any tips you may have would be greatly appreciated! The old guy is profile, so much easier to put together. I'm trying to learn about the facial muscle masses, but my underdeveloped technical abilites with the drawing and painting leave him a little strange looking (cartoony).
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    Several DVDs, books and months later....

    Please please please comment and crit - I really want to get better.

    Thanks everyone!

    P.S. These aren't in chronological order, they are practice sketches between the end of Feb and yesterday.
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    your anatomy studies look really good. Keep them up and you will get better! Your heads and hands look good, both of which are extremely complex to master ( I really dont think anyone can 100% master the head and the hands ) You're on the right track, just keep with it and you'll succeed.
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    Hey bro, keep on going!!! Your stuff is gettin better!! Just draw alot from life, people, everyday objects. Don't stop man!!

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    I really like the progress you made during those sketches- even tho theyre outdated by now wheres the rest man?
    What i personally like is the stuff that you did, when you bought your wacom tablet. It seemed like you were starting to come away from anatomy studies and following your own path, artistically. Id love to see what has become of that.
    see ya!

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