For a highschool student graduating early.
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Thread: For a highschool student graduating early.

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    For a highschool student graduating early.

    Hi everyone, my name's CJ, and I believe I need some advice.

    First off, I'll let you know straight off the bat - I am a sophomore in a California highschool. I'm a straight A student. I plan on graduating next year in my junior year. I find highschool a little boring and wanted to get into college early. No problems - I can get all my credits done and over with and I should be able to finish highschool no problem.

    Now here's the problem: What do I do as soon as I finish highschool?

    I could easily go the community college route and get things done and perhaps get more experience in the art field. (I have yet to take Art I in highschool, though I hope to take it next year.) However, I want to try to avoid that if at all possible, but it would be nice.

    I could also try and attempt to go straight to an art college right after highschool. Not sure if I'd get in, but it's worth a shot.

    Whether I go straight to an art college or community college first, I still want to go to an art school eventually. However, which do I choose?

    I wanted to go to one that's actually close by, so I narrowed down my choices:
    Art Institute of California - San Francisco
    Art Institute of California - Sacramento
    Academy of Art University - San Francisco
    California College of Arts - San Francisco
    San Francisco Art Institute
    or the Academy of Art in Sacramento

    I could also easily go to a State University to get my education there. What route do you guys believe I should take?

    Also, for the issue of scholarships... Do you know of any that I should possibly go for? Most people who have the grades that I have in school will only get scholarships if they go to certain "expected schools", such as UC Davis, Stanford, Yale, etc. How should I go about getting a scholarship? Would entering a contest be my best bet? Are there any scholarships available that would pay for ANY school I can go to, even if they aren't a UC or a State school?

    Could someone also point out to me what exactly art schools might be looking for? (Perhaps a link to certain art schools would be nice here.)

    So the main issues here are:
    1) What should I do after highschool?
    2) What school should I go to after highschool?
    3) Scholarships.
    4) What are art schools looking for?

    Also, if this helps, here's more information about me:

    Majors I want: (Based off of what's at the Art Institute of California - San Fran)
    Game Art and Design
    Visual and Game Programming
    Interactive Media Design
    Media Art and Animation
    Computer Animation
    Art (in general for other schools)

    Highschool Information:
    2 years of language (Maybe 3, over the summer)
    2 years of Multimedia/CompArts
    As of next year, education up to Pre-Calc (I also plan on taking Stats over the summer)
    Biology and AP Physics (next year) (Also plan on taking Chemistry during the summer)
    Art I (which I hope to take next year)

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    Academy of Art is proably your best bet. They're a halfway decent school, and they don't require portfolios so not having taken art classes shouldn't be a problem.

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