UDON's Street Fighter Tribute Contest

All are welcome to enter!


Street Fighter is one of the most influential video game franchises of all time. It launched the head-to-head fighting game genre and brought together millions of players around the globe to do battle, first at arcades and then, later on, across a variety of home consoles. 2008 is the 20th anniversary of the franchise.

The Street Fighter fans who were young players when the franchise first launched are now grown up, but their love of the game continues. This high quality art book, produced by UDON Entertainment, is a cross section of brand new artistic interpretations of the Street Fighter characters in a series of full size illustrations. The book will launch at this year's San Diego Comicon as part of Capcom's Street Fighter Celebration content.

UDON artists and other comic, video game and freelance illustrators are invited to interpret their favorite Street Fighter characters for inclusion in this special book. Along with these invited artists is a widespread open art submission call to the video game fan communities to submit artwork for possible inclusion in the tribute volume.

Stylistically, we want artists to show us what they can do. We don’t need you to draw or paint just like the Capcom artists in order to win (though if that is the style you choose, that’s okay too). Realistic, anime/manga, super-deformed/cute, comic book style, abstract, animated, graffiti, pixelated, you name it... we’re open and excited about receiving all kinds of different original artistic interpretations.

You could be part of Capcom history as part of the Street Fighter Tribute art book and have your artwork showcased alongside top names in the industry!

We want to see your unique vision of Street Fighter!

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