Sentinel13 vs. Soupandbutter--JUDGED
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Thread: Sentinel13 vs. Soupandbutter--JUDGED

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    Sentinel13 vs. Soupandbutter--JUDGED

    I'll be attacker If you'd rather do a different topic let me know.

    topic 8

    player 1 (attacker): the failing light of battle
    A- you battle fatigue, your nuckels are raw and bloodied, but the day is yours.
    B- slumping in the cold the frost takes hold, your muscles tighten as the chill seeps deep into your flesh.

    player 2 (defender) : making camp
    A - As the amber red sun sinks through the clouds you and your bretheren have made camp atop the battle summit.
    B - you awaken on a dead battlefield, you must have been knocked out cold or stunned for the majority of the carnage, all you can hear now are the moans of the half dead. you stand up slowly, alive but shamed.

    Duel begins tomorrow and deadline is Saturday. Sound good?

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