Hey guys!

I'm in a slight bind with my college admission and was wondering if anyone here could give me some advice. I've recently enrolled in Algonquins animation course, and I submitted my portfolio along with my application. My application was accepted and so was my portfolio, but then I received the package containing both the art test and the portfolio requirements. Now, as I had already submitted my portfolio, I asked if I had to send it and for any particular reason. They replied back that no, I didn't have to send it again, but I had already met all department requirements for admission, and that I was already accepted.

That part slightly baffled me.

After exchanging about 3 more e-mails with the college's Design and Media admins, they assured me 3 more times that I met all requirements. I find this extremely odd that they wouldn't have noticed a big gaping hole where the art test should have been. That and Ottawa is a 3 hour drive from where I am right now, and to move there, get a job and all that jazz just to get my admission snuck out from under me....that would really suck, considering that's what happened to me last year, but atleast that college was local.

I have a hard copy of the e-mail, incase they try to deny it later at any rate. If anyone could provide me with a course of action to take, it would be better then me stewing in my own paranoid juices about this.