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    Cockpit Design

    my take on a cockpit for a clunky mech...whose exterior design will most likely show up in the sketches area in a bit.

    C&C more than welcome...

    Cockpit Design

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    Well, the rendering is great, really no technical flaws.

    I just had some wierd design comments. Hope you don't mind.

    -Why the combination of hightech (monitors) with low tech (analogue gagues)?

    -Those monitors off to his side would be VERY hard to read, especially in the back, and especially if the pilot wore a helmet.

    -And finally I think there's a lot of wasted space in the cockpit, especially around the floor and such. Most military machines cram as much as they can into as little space as they can...this is more like a luxurious control room.

    Of course, the last one is really a matter of super high tech concepts, I suppose they have that luxury..but then again..why the analog dials?

    Anyways, I do really like this piece, just thought I'd tell ya what caught my eye.

    Oh, and I love the cup holder. Nice touch.
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    good thoughts...

    thanks for the crit and thoughts! i'll toss ya the thought process behind the piece:

    the combo of hitech and lotech was intended to show how the character involved used whatever he could to get this thing together. this is not a military mech...rather, it's a mish-mash, home-built job, where comforts and design flaws and idiosyncracies abound...

    the side monitors are there mostly for when the mech is in a stat monitor – less of an "up to the second" display. rather, when the guy's done trouncin' around, he goes back to the garage, gets up from the chair, and looks over at the monitor to see how she's holdin' together on the inside, before takin' a look outside.

    laslty, good call on the wasted space, and were this designed more militarily, i would have harkened back to the tank-like mode of design where not a square inch of space is not used...but since this is a chop job, and a personal design, i felt the guy in charge would want to be a little less cramped, and have enough room to get up and stretch...get some more soda...etc...

    it's more based on a combo of helicopter cockpit and sub command center...

    ...course, i could be just bullshitting myself...but hey, i like to type.

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