Well, I'm new here, and this is my sketchbook. I suck. I'm better at stories than art, really, but I like drawing.

Here's my first thing;
The Seed of Life lives on the tiny skysland Regria. It is the mobile seedling of a sentient and immobile plantform, the Tree of Life (which I can't draw because it looks like CRAP, so just imagine a big tree). The Tree of Life has a racial urge to learn, but really cannot, being blind and immobile. So as soon as its Seeds of Life develop, they drop off the trees and range across the continent, leaning what they can. Once they take root into Trees of Life, they pass on what they learn through genetic memory, so their Seeds can learn what their tree parents did not. The cycle will continue until everything on the skysland is known, and will continue endlessly once the Seeds are able to build skyships to explore other skyslands.

Seeds of Life grow throughout their lives, dropping off their parents as seedlings the size of an apple. They become bigger and more sluggish as they age and grow, eventually putting down roots as a 100-foot wooden colossus.

The Seeds of Life have achieved sentience through the use of silicon crystals throughout the body which transmit bioelectricity between one another. This creates a sort of holistically conscious nervous system, advanced enough to allow for abstract thought.

Seeds of Life usually go solo, but occasionally congregate in "troops". In troops, Seeds of Life communicate with one another through a complex genetically-learned language of squeaks, chirps, and whistles.

Seeds of Life breathe through the hole between their primitive-looking but highly advanced eyes. They do not eat; they take in nutrients from the soil through their feet. They need more and more nutrients as they grow, leading to their taking root. The Seeds also take in sunlight through the yellow-green "belly button" swirl-mark of chlorophyll on their stomachs.

Seeds of Life enjoy rolling in fallen leaves for unknown reasons.