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Thread: need advice

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    need advice

    good morning concept orgers,
    This fine morning, once again, I have been screwed.
    I have been freelancing for 5 years, and I am sick of being taken advantage of by companies. I live in NY and found an opportunity for freelance in LA with a celebrity fashion line. I am no fashion designer, however drawing hot musicians in the garments they wear on tour seemed like a fun experience. "its like costumes on a character", I said. Fully knowing my dailey rates, they flew me out to LaLa land, and put up in an apartment in Hollywood for two weeks. Sounds good? I have worked my ass off, not just drawing, but being the "computer guy" for the company that has treated me like a damn slave. Working well over 10hrs-12hrs. per day, only to be dropped off at a beautiful apartment in Hollywood around a bunch of bars and resturaunts I can't afford. 16hrs a day, 7 days a week can be a very normal work schedual in NY, and I have no problem with that, but just now I found out that my contract I gave one of the partners has not been signed on purpose, b/c they have no intention of paying me. Because I had no close friends in LA, I kind of considered these people within the company to be my friends after hours, so I assumed they would pay me for my worth never asking for the contract returned immediatley. Anytime I ask them to sign it they act super busy
    and run out for an LA arron. Imagine a valley girl;
    Imagine a valley girl in the fashion industry;
    Imagine a valley girl in the fashion industry at semi celebrity status; I'm about to create a backdraft in the f*~kikn office!
    "oh my god.... . . .. do you know what would be so hot?.. .... WHOOOSH!:evilbat:
    Sorry haven't been able to vent for a while....... .. .
    I am not a confrontational person, I am not a screamer, one of girls is very nice and stays out of her companies financing. ........I have never burned a bridge but. . .. . . .. i don't want to screw her or their company but . . . . this can't keep happening to me. . .. .what would they do without their logo and entire spring line.... .. . . my question is do I take everything I have done with me and hold it ransom for payment? Do I burn the drawings (after scanning of course) before their very eyes. how do I deal with clueless? What do I do?


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    Wow, that really sucks.

    I'm not an art professional, so take my advice with a large grain of salt, but I definately think you should stop production and withhold all material you still possess until you get that contract signed.

    If they won't sign it, thank them for putting you up, and bid them a farewell. You've worked hard and don't deserve to be screwed over. If they're working with you in good faith, there's NO reason they can't take 5 minutes out of their "busy" schedule to finalize their agreement with you.

    Good luck.
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