I am fairly new to digital painting so bear with me please.

I am running Painter 6 with a Wacom Intuos pad on a PIII 500Mhz box with 392MBs RAM.

I completed one painting using the Smeary Round paint brush all on one layer and had minimal problems. But now I am in the midst of working on another piece and unless I put full force to the pen I get this aqua/purple/blue pixely crap on the canvas where the brush tip is placed before the actual color starts to flow out.

Does that make since? I have my canvas set to Wet Paint and the particular color I am using is a peachy flesh color.

Has anyone ever experienced this? Is this a weak machine problme, bad tablet, what?

On another note, and I can gues this is because of my current computer configuration, i can make a stroke on a 800dpi painting and get a delayed reaction on the canvas. I figure that is just because of lack of sufficient RAM and CPU speed but I am not sure. Any suggestions?