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Thread: Industrial Design Project - Intelligent Drawing Tool

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    Industrial Design Project - Intelligent Drawing Tool

    Hello everybody!

    First a little introduction I think: I am a student at the Industrial Design Department at the University of Eindhoven. Currently I am in my third year, and that means I have to think of and manage a project myself.

    Because I have been interested in (concept)art I want to do something with that. Right now I am still exploring possibilities, but I want to do something with digital en electronic possibilities for drawing.

    Of course everybody here has a computer and probably wacom, but I want to take it away from the computer. I cannot imagen the only way artist's can enjoy the technical developments only through the computer with tablet.

    Is there something intelligent to add to traditional drawing to make it a richer experience, or easier, or make it more interesting?

    Possibilities that you can think of can be (just brainstorming here)..

    ...a projector kind of thing which can change the tone of a drawing in a preview, so you can see what way it will go without actually applying the color immediatly (make the process more flexible).

    ...suggestion system for which pencil or tool to use (a little bit of coaching)

    ...intelligent way to mix colors? (dont nkow how or what)

    ...easy and basic manupilation of reference image.(bigger smaller/ lightness contrast)

    I am very interested what thoughts or ideas there are here. So if you have a suggestion or remark it would be great! I don't know which target group exactly, it depends on what there is possible, but I guess it would be best if it is sort of for the normal artist. I don't want to make an eductational tool, but if someone has a great suggestion for that it's also nice of course.

    My intention is that I am actually going to build and test the device over the course of the next half year, so hopefully there are some good ideas.

    Any questions/suggestions I will be more than willing to answer!

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    So you want to use the benefits of digital art in a non-digital setting? Like adding a Ctrl-Z to real life?

    I'll let you know when something comes to mind. Anyways good luck with your project and hopefully for you suggestions/ideas/problems find their way to this thread.
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