Hi all, I'm not new to CA, though I've only really lurked. First post

I'm used to drawing figures from imagination (badly), so as per everyone's suggestions, I've been taking every opportunity to take figure drawing workshops (it's my first semester at AAU). However, I'm kind of lost. I copy a pose, rinse & repeat, and I'm not really sure how I can apply it to my own work and improve it. My own character concept art from imagination doesn't seem to be improving either.

Which brings me to my question...what should I be thinking about when doing these drawing workshops? It feels like drawing there without a specific purpose won't help me any more than copying photographs.

I don't know if this helps, but I've attached some samples to give an idea of my current skill level.

My scanner isn't the greatest, but the drawings are more or less accurate.

I notice a lot of other artists' characters have this...life, fluidity and solid-ness (especially 2D animation majors), while my own characters always have a stiffness, messy/broken line and ambiguity.How can I apply life drawing to fix these problems?