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    Blarrghhh!!! updated

    Hi, my name is Jon Sun, and I am currently studying art (concentrating in painting and drawing) at Wheaton College in Illinois. I started drawing around 2 years ago, started painting last semester, and became an art major last semester as well. So, I guess I'm kind of new at this. I'm learning a lot, and I'm trying to improve as quickly as I can. Looking back at all I've done, it's kind of encouraging and discouraging how much and how little I've improved. Anyway, here's my sketchbook. I'm open to any crits or suggestions anyone has. I don't really know what I'm doing, so anything is helpful.


    Jon Sun.

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    keep going

    Thanks for commenting on my work.

    I, too, am trying to learn anatomy so I can draw the figure accurately from my head and not rely on ref so much. You should do the same. When you draw from ref your stuff looks nice, but you need something to guide you. Keep at it! I'm glad you've posted your stuff.

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    Your body poses and anatomy are looking good. Check those heads in the 2nd 3rd and 4th pictures though, some of the proportions are wonky - remember to look at references for the heads too! Love the bone studies, looking forward to see how you progress. Oh, and welcome to CA!

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    Good to see another lurker like myself come out of hiding. You got a good start here in that you have been drawing a lot. Time to start doing some anatomy studies. Your clavicle/scapula study turned out really nice. Try and do some more drawings like that where you are really studying the form of the body and the underlying structure. You have some nice pose maniacs gesture drawings. The heads near the top of your post could use some work... doing some skull/head studies would be of great benefit to you.
    Keep up the hard work and good luck.

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    skull study and gestures

    wow, thanks for the replies guys, I didn't think anyone would respond.

    Snubbed:: yeah, I also want to be able to draw the figure from memory. right now, i'm doing a lot of stuff from ref cause i feel i can learn faster this way than if i did a lot of stuff from memory. maybe i'm wrong though. also, what did you mean by "something to guide me"?

    Farsh:: thanks man! and yeah, I can see how the heads are a bit off now. I did some loomis heads and i found i have a lot of trouble placing them in perspective... XD

    Aphex:: thanks! i'm trying to do a lot of studies and such, but i don't really know how to go about it. as of now, all i do is just copy the picture, and it seems like i should be doing something more, but i don't know what. do you have any suggestions?


    as suggested, I did some skull studies. third one's a bit off, but ah well.
    Attachment 308707

    and I also did a few more gestures from posemaniacs. i find i have a lot of trouble with gestures. it seems like my gestures are so sketchy and messy. does anyone know how i can improve my stroke accuracy/efficiency? i'm trying to work on capturing the movement but also keeping the drawing accurate.
    Attachment 308708
    Attachment 308709

    and lastly, here's an OC collab I did with a friend. we didn't have time to finish it...
    Attachment 308752

    any suggestions or crits would be greatly appreciated. thanks for looking.
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    I envy your skull study, so far I am trying to do the same; it is a good start for drawing realistic or just decent human faces.

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    Your skull sketches are great! It really shows the angularity, but still keeps it smooth.
    Visit my sketchbook!

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    Your anatomy studies are looking great just keep on doing them. However when doing loads of study of anatomy it is easy to loose the fluidness of character and and get stiff looking characters. Which is why we practice gestures. I know there are alot of schools of how you should do gestures some prefer scribbly form building exercises and these are great. But when watching your work I feel you are suffering abit fromt he scribbly line disease. I would recomend trying to do your gestures using long flowing lines with only like 3-4 lines per gesture but lines that flow with the natural flow of the body. Actually I should do that myself too :/

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    Posemaniac rocks! I'm doing the 60 second poses most of the time.
    For seeing and capturing lines as quickly as possible, I have found it extremely useful to copy old master drawings, and to make drawings after old master artwork. Not so much to learn about anatomy, but to train your accuracy. The more you do of those, the faster and more accurate you will be able to see things, including Posemaniac poses.

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    Nice sketchbook , i see you studied lots of poses , but you have problems with the lines you look like you don't know where to ad the hard edges and the soft edges , usually hard edges come out when you what to bring something towards you , to make it pop up , and the darkest darks (in drawing are usually used) and details are usually where you want to point the attention of the viewer. This is kinda all that i can help you with for now . Oh and try to draw live models , it helps more than you imagine , specially for the values. Cheers !

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    pelvis and bridgman studies

    doktorno:: XD thanks!! that study helped a bit, but i still have some trouble with faces. haha, maybe i should do more.

    thebadkitty:: thanks!

    eux:: yeah, i need to work on my gestures. i definitely suffer from scribbly line disease. i'm working on those long flowy lines.

    maidith:: cheaaa, posemaniacs. and old master drawings?? oOooo, sounds like a good idea. where do you get your refs and which masters would you suggest?

    flamable:: thanks, i will keep that in mind, it helps a lot.

    for this time, i did a pelvis study. front and side view. i think i'm going to try to include at least one study per post.
    Attachment 312501

    bridgman torso studies. errr, rather wimpy ones.
    Attachment 312503

    here's some color stuff. my coloring is a bit shotty, so crit my face off. haha, any suggestions or help would be very much appreciated/needed.
    Attachment 312506
    Attachment 312512
    oh, and these were both done in painter.

    and i figured you were all probably sick of the posemaniacs gestures, so i didn't include them this time but i did a few pages...

    thanks for visiting!

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    Couple of Illustrations

    Wow, I haven't updated in a long time. I've been so busy. Anyway, here are a couple of illustrations I'm doing for my English final. Crits would be much appreciated.

    Here's one for the Odyssey.
    Attachment 362860

    Here's one for Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.
    Attachment 362861

    I have some other work that I still haven't scanned. I'll probably post them up soon.

    Thanks for watching.

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    figure drawing class dump *BIG DUMP*

    I took a figure drawing class last semester and I've never had a chance to post any of my work. Here are a few selected works from everything that I did.

    Sorry for the awful photos, I promise they look better in real life.

    To start, here is a 4 day long charcoal study on white paper. This one kinda got ruined by storage.
    Attachment 369953
    Next, a 6 day long charcoal and white chalk study on toned paper. This one got ruined too.
    Attachment 369979
    here are some gestures.
    Attachment 369978
    Attachment 369976
    Attachment 369975
    Attachment 369974
    Attachment 369972
    Attachment 369971
    Attachment 369970
    here are some anatomy studies done with tracing paper.
    Attachment 369956
    Attachment 369954
    Attachment 369955
    Attachment 369959
    Attachment 369957
    Attachment 369958
    Attachment 369980
    Attachment 369962
    Attachment 369963
    Attachment 369964
    Attachment 369969
    Attachment 369965
    Attachment 369968
    Attachment 369961
    finally, here is a memory drawing (looked at model and made notes for 15 minutes, drew for 5, etc.)
    Attachment 369981

    Again, sorry for the terrible photos. They really are pretty bad.

    Any crits or comments would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Looking in here quickly. There's lots of good stuff here, you're obviously working hard.

    I hope you'll forgive me if I "cut to the chase" as I'm tight on time here today - looking at your two images in post #12, your perspectives are off. The table appears to be sloping off into the floor in the first, and the horse is being looked at from a lower point of view than the floor is, in the second. A bit of time spent doing more formal horizon lines and vanishing points would pay off for you. I can't do illustrative paintovers right now, but if you need more help with that, I could do so at the weekend.


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    big dump udate

    OK, I haven't updated in a longggg time, so here we go.

    hands, mine.
    Attachment 453744
    hands, bridgman's.
    Attachment 453745
    figures, posemaniacs (30,30,90)
    Attachment 453746
    Attachment 453747
    Attachment 453748
    face, girl's
    Attachment 453749
    sketchbook pages
    Attachment 453750
    Attachment 453751
    Attachment 453752
    Attachment 453753
    Attachment 453756
    Attachment 453757
    Attachment 453758
    Attachment 453759
    Attachment 453760
    Attachment 453761
    Attachment 453755
    Attachment 453754
    and... i have no idea...
    Attachment 453762

    Crits and comments always welcome.

    Also, I am currently in the process of switching to an art major and I'm taking a couple of painting classes, which I'm really excited about. Today, I painted with oils for the first time in my life and I suuccckkkkkkkeeedd. So if any of you have any tips or suggestions for a beginner, that would be much appreciated. I'll probably be posting the progress of those classes as I go.


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