I'm pleased to introduce myself to you. I am Shin-Woong Kang who works for
NC soft in Korea as concept artist. I am seeking a full time position of
concept artist for game companies or movie studios located in the United
States. I've worked in this field for five years now and think that I can
meet your requirements as long as design is concerned.

I can express any of your imaginations through my design skill. I am ready
to show you my unique world of design that contains my long experience and
Korean culture. My home page is www.conceptman.com. I can send you my portfolio
along with more of my works that are not displayed at my home page. Of course,
my detailed experiences and things about me will be also included. You'll
never regret your choosing me. Please kindly e-mail me at film21@empal.com
or film21@ncsoft.net. Thank you.