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    Cow C.O.W. - #109: Ambush Bodysnapper - Voting!


    Topic: Ambush Bodysnapper

    Deadline for the voting: Tuesday, 04th March 2008

    Posting thread (closed):


    OK - before voting/posting read this!!!

    1. Please give c&c or a reason why you voted for the image!

    2. Feel free to comment on any or all entries, the artists will appreciate it!

    3. No voting for your own entry!!! If a participants votes for his own entry, every member has the right to call him a stupid lame moron in this thread! And i will delete his/her vote anyway...

    4. The poll is public. Your vote will be seen.
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    Final Entry

    C.O.W. - #109: Ambush Bodysnapper - Voting!

    Artist: ATAnderson

    Concept: Narkoum
    Formidable as these beasts look, their physiology hinders them as predators. Their powerful jaws can break the largest of bones but they are unpractical and best put to use in a surprise attack. Most commonly the Narkoum would strike from a higher surface, barbs in the base of its paws allow it to attach to most surface-types, it will comfortably lock its bottom jaw in place and lie in wait for its prey. it then uses the massive barbed tooth at the end of its top jaw to stun and hold its prey, slaming its jaws closed snapping the necessary bones be it neck, spine, skull or a combination.

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    Artist: Ryoken

    Concept: Breaker

    This large insect-resembling creature will rest on the ground of woods and forests, blending in with dirt, vegetation and tree roots. Prey that wanders close enough is seized in massive mandibles and has its spine deftly snapped in two. The Breaker then clutches the corpse, slowly feeding.
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    Artist: hodoca

    Concept: Forest Shear
    ...ambush from above; the Forest Shear unfolds and attacks with a scissor-like motion of its jaws - with the intention of swiftly turning one prey animal into two easily consumed meals.

    C.O.W. - #109: Ambush Bodysnapper - Voting!
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    C.O.W. - #109: Ambush Bodysnapper - Voting!

    Artist: Joey-b

    Concept: The BodySnatcher

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    C.O.W. - #109: Ambush Bodysnapper - Voting!

    Artist: Tommoy

    Concept: Tsaktsy
    Actualy hiding between his jaws the Tsaktsy waits for its prey. Spreading a penetrative rotting smell through its gullet ( Tsaktsy means bad breath in Oriknoshu! ) he attracts smaller animals. Then with a powerfull bang he crushes his prey. Younger then 2 years they can be held as pets, when older they should wear a muzzle.

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    Artist: Faxmaster

    Concept: Lesser Jungle Snapper
    The Jungle Snapper spends most of its life climbing in the trees of its vine-filled home. Its primary diet consists of insects unwary enough to fly near it, when it will leap out, snag them with the tentacles on its nose, and snap down on their bodies with its powerful jaw. Although small and mostly harmless to humans, the Snapper can bite hard enough to break bones when threatened.

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    C.O.W. - #109: Ambush Bodysnapper - Voting!

    Artist: MikeCorriero

    Concept: Teradock

    Teradock's use the element of surprise to attack their prey. They have long feathered tails that mimic the high grass they conceal themselves in when sneaking up on the smaller Swamflaps. These creatures have a massive jaw backed by a terrifying toothed beak to snatch their prey and snap it's jaws tight. Once these jaws are shut it's practically impossible to open them with a staggering 15,000 lbs of pressure.
    The Teradock is quick at short burst of speed giving them the upper hand once they break the element of surprise and leap out after the Swamflaps and other prey. Swamflaps are plump and juicy and often slow at taking flight so they are an ideal food source for the Teradock's. Standing at around 4.5 ft at the back they usually stick to prey no larger than their mouth can hold because they do not chew their food, they will snap at the body with one fell swoop and swallow chunks whole.
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    C.O.W. - #109: Ambush Bodysnapper - Voting!

    Artist: _^SlayeR^_

    Concept: Buccinator maximus
    As she began perfecting her attack skills, nothing could stop her growing thirst for blood. She now wonders the woods in search for weak, innocent flesh. They say she's so fast that you can't even see her attacking and the last thing you remember is the sound of your own crushed bones..

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    C.O.W. - #109: Ambush Bodysnapper - Voting!

    Artist: Danuh

    Concept: Red Backed Snapper
    Luckily these creatures live in small numbers and away from any kind of civilization. They constantly stalk these tropical jungles for sustenance (whether it be human or otherwise). Their green leathery skin helps blend them into their surroundings while the red scales down their back and tell other predators to back off "or else".
    Once latched onto prey these snappers do not let go. With a twist of the head and sickening snap of the victim's spinal cord, dinner is served.

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    C.O.W. - #109: Ambush Bodysnapper - Voting!

    Artist: JakkaS

    Concept: BOOCATCH
    These creatures live on banks of many shallow rivers on Mart VI. They spend almost whole day standing in the water and catching fish and other small creatures. If they notice a fish hiding behind a stone or a tree root they try to scare it out of it's hiding.. They set up a trap... They clap with their "back-limbs" and when the prey shows up they catch it with their "beak"...

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    C.O.W. - #109: Ambush Bodysnapper - Voting!

    Artist: Piru

    Concept: Bark Lurker

    With it's perfect disguise and tree-like skin the "Bark Lurker" is a dangerous passive hunter. It lures anyone with a liking of mushrooms in to it's dangerous trap. With it's heavy and robust cheekbones it can produce an enormous pressure, snapping the fungus-liking-creatures like a twig.

    Next time you're collecting mushrooms in the woods, beware!
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    C.O.W. - #109: Ambush Bodysnapper - Voting!

    Artist: Peg

    Concept: Bodysnapper

    The Bodysnapper is so named after its ability to terrorize the populace of settlements around the caspian sea.
    The existence of the creature was unknown untill the foodstores ran low and people resorted to carving holes in the ice of the great sea to fish during winter. One by one fishermen started dissapearing and it was thought to be a case of the ice breaking untill later on it was reported as attacks performed by a creature from undeneath the ice.

    Chocking fishermen with its surprise attack the Bodysnapper tuggs the fishingcord and tipps the fishermen into the water making off with its prey before any fellow fishermen can intervene.

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    Artist: Lander

    Concept: Flex the flesh
    Flex the flesh is a breed of snails that was poked in the eye once to many and permanently retracted it's eyes into it's head and grew a meaty semi-transparent eyelid to cover it from any future pointing fingers. And if that wasn't enough it also grew a hundred times in a hundred days. Developing fangs that couldn't let go. They typically dwell in shallow pits or caves from where it can snap any wandering prey.
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    C.O.W. - #109: Ambush Bodysnapper - Voting!

    Artist: Scorge

    Concept: Wrekchala
    From what has been told to what has now been seen. The Wrekchala has for centuries been the stuff of legends, of myth told by the elders to the children to keep them in line, lest they anger the beast and bring its wrath upon them.
    It said that this creature lies in wait amongst the dry river beds through out the desolate country awaiting its next meal. With fine hairs to sense the slightest vibration, and almost blind eyes that sense more than see, this creature known only in stories has a poisonous tongue and an even deadlier method of consumption.
    Yet despite all the formidable traits of this monster, its mouth is the weakest of its parts. Too small to consume the prey it needs to survive, the Wrekchala must fold and break its food by the way of its massively evolved lower jaw. Teeth have grown and connected in support of the main tusks and help to catch and hold while the tongue acts as a press(or in this case pull) to force the animal into the narrow gap.
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