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    Building a Professional Portfolio?

    Does anyone have suggestions (or know any threads that have gone over this already ) on how to organize a "Professional" illustration portfolio? Should it just highlight what I'm best at or should it be more varied?

    How many pieces are too many?

    If I do alot of stuff on the computer, would it be a good idea to have prints made for the physical portfolio?

    Also, I understand its important to have more recent works, how old is too old? >.O

    thankies for any suggestions :o

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    Are you talking website or the kind of portfolio you carry around? I'm going to go with website...

    - Put in your portfolio only what you want to be hired to do--which will likely be your best work anyway.

    -Think about all the pro portfolio sites you've been to and how many pics you click through before you start to lose interest--I think that's about the right number. If you want to do more, consider a "professional" area for clients and a "personal" one for everybody else.

    - I've seen a noticable decline in printed portfolios lately (maybe one job inquiry wanted printed out of 50 or so that turn you down if you don't have a website). They're good for face-to-face networking and interviews, but how often do people get a chance to do that anymore? If you do have one of those instances, I don't see why you wouldn't do prints.

    - Take a look at your "old" stuff and think like a potiental client. If it makes you squirm a lot then stick it in the "personal" section. That's how I judge, anyway...less squirming the better.

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    I've answered a bunch of your questions (and more) here and here.

    Tristan Elwell
    **Finished Work Thread **Process Thread **Edges Tutorial

    "Work is more fun than fun."
    -John Cale

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    thankies much this is all very helpful ^ ^*

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