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  • Timothee

    9 47.37%
  • Pixie Trick

    7 36.84%
  • Janto

    0 0%
  • Vorp

    3 15.79%
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    Icon IDW #60: Crop Harvester - Voting

    IDW #60 Topic: Crop Harvester

    Deadline for voting: Sunday, February 24

    No voting for your own entries! I repeat, no voting for your own entries

    Give critiques and comments, we're all here to learn from each other!

    Original thread: IDW #60: Crop Harvester

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    Artist: Timothee

    Automated grape harvester
    There are actually two types of robots involved in the grape harvesting. One picks the grapes from the vines, while the other recieves and delivers the grapes to a refinery. The robots operate independantly, and navigate with GPS and built in cameras. The picker rotates on it's axis once every 15 seconds, so it's constantly grabbing fruit from the vines. The reciever leaves for the refinery once it's internal weight machine calculates that the bin is full.


    Artist: Pixie Trick

    Current apple picking machines rely on people picking while standing on slow moving platforms. However, this machine uses the basic idea of fruit falling when ripe. It drives over a fruit tree, closes the basket around it and gently shakes the tree until all the ripe fruit has fallen. The apples (or other fruit) then fall through the holes in the bottom of the basket where they continue into a pipe to the conveyor which takes it up the the tank above. The motor for the wheels (housed in the green box behind the wheel) are separate from the shaker motors so that the they can be turned off while shaking is happening, thereby saving fuel. To continue on to the next tree, the basket separates into two parts (see the image above) and lifts. The driver then drives to the next tree and begins again.

    It's large wheels keep the compression of the ground to a minimum and can be used up to twice a week without harm to the trees. The baskets are made of waxed hemp netting, which is nearly unbreakable, in order to allow any twigs, or insects etc. from being harvested and to prevent bruising of the fruit.


    Artist: Janto

    This simple machine is used to harvest natural and artificial 'designer' plankton for the busy uplifted dolphin on the go. Its upper body is coated in a photosensitive layer which, combined with the breakdown of certain byproducts, powers a series of fans and certifuges along the length of its body, driving it forwards through the water. Numerous lights make the harvester highly visible, and also attract certain types of plankton. Sonar baffles line the harvester's 'mouth' enabling it to drive away larger fish and stun smaller creatures such as krill. The frontal sieve is designed to grade the catch and ensure that as few undesirable debris as possible are taken into the harvester's drive. Small buoys are used to latch onto the dorsal fin, which includes a tube through which the partially refined plankton is forced for storage and automated delivery to feeding stations.


    Artist: Vorp

    Massive scale farming of the near future.



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    Some notes on this round: seemed this round was off to a great start but it ended up with only 4 finished pieces. Was it the topic or was it just that everyone had something else on his/her mind? Not that I'm complaining, I'm just wondering what made this round less succesfull than previous rounds.

    Janto: Next time please post the finished piece and its description in one post please


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    Timothee, I'm a sucker for cool rendering and composition so you got my vote. As you can see in my entry I'm solid on perspective but still can't pull together nice colors and composition fast.
    BTW, the only significant perspective flaws in your image are the bright white circles on the tank treads. Make sure that the minor axis of your ellipses (circles in perspective) are aligned with the vanishing lines from each ellipse center. Yours are aligned with the x axis of the page. The main robot drive chassis looks dead-on and I love all your lighting and surface indications. That's where I was hoping to take mine. Nice.


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    Here is my late entry. Wish I could have put it together a bit faster, but I'm happy that I learned lots from giving this a try. Maybe my next attempt will be tighter and faster!

    Inspired from some of nature's best harvesters. Working in small "swarms" a team of these robotic harvesters can be employed to collect orchard fruit and some types of vegetables. With advanced sensors for detecting readiness for collection, these harvesters can pick it's crop at the height of it's readiness, while leaving others for collection later. When not in use, these harvesters collapse into a small cylinder, which fits into it's storage tray/charger.


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    My vote has to go to Pixie Trick. While I love the work done for Timothee's, I feel Pixie Trick really put a lot of thought into the design and function of his harvester.

    Janto's just missed it for me, as it looks a bit nose heavy to function properly. A little more on the rear end to balance it, or something else perhaps, would have helped that perception.

    Vorp's was successful in looking massive, but I don't see any reason to BE that massive. Seems like it would be as destructive as it is helpful.


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    PixieTrick- Voted for yours. Nice idea for an apple picker, although it seems a bit top heavy. I especially like the orthos you did on how the machine works.
    Janto- Your machine has a real interesting design, but the front may need some tweeking to make the machine flow properly in water.
    Vorp- That's one big-ass tractor, the only thing that confuses me is the reason for the elevated cockpit.
    Thanks for the vote. I know what you mean about the wheels, i'll see about fixing that.
    TheDweller- I would have voted for yours if it had gone to poll. It has a sweet design, and it was well thought out.

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    timothee: as already mentioned, your circles on the treads are off, otherwise wonderful image. You have my vote.

    janto: I just keep on getting this image of the dolphin getting a current into the mouth thing and sucking the dolphin down. Ouch for the dolphin. I'm not sure if that would actually happen though. Also, how would the dolphin breathe? They are mammal and not fish after all. Also, I wasn't sure if you were trying to show the sieve by making the inside of the mouth black with the little blue lines.

    vorp: Other than no colour (green, John Deere's are green!) You only have one problem, which my brother pointed out and which makes pretty much no difference to me. Each of those triangular spikes off of the harvesting bit at the front is meant for a row of corn (therefore 2 in this case) in order for the corn to not just get run over but stand up. Now, if you had giant corn...

    dweller: Marvelous. I likes very much. The almost scary bit personally is that when it unfolds it looks a lot like a bee. You would have had my vote for this even unfinished.

    myself: I just realized that my little orthos don't quite match each other or the image, mainly in terms of the cabin and the basket. Oops.


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