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    Question Please assist! Another new hopeful

    Hiya. I am a very brand new artist. I just started making pictures with the photoshop I have and had a few questions.

    1: Where is a good place to get help for brand, spankin new artist hopefuls?
    2: Could I amount to much if I dont have the monetary needs or time needed for art classes?
    3: I read about Corel. Is that better for painting my crap doodles then photoshop would be? Can I use my mouse (No need for digi-pens or whatever.)

    And lastly... Is abstract less appreciated then character/concept art? And for the kindergarten finger paint pictures I do, like the one below. Whats more appealing? Detail? Or simple is better?
    Please assist! Another new hopeful

    Again. Sorry - new here, understand it's quite elite. If theres a better site to go kindly direct me there and I'll leave. (Just not deviantart, that place doesnt seem the best for creative critism)

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    Thanked 12 Times in 12 Posts're asking a lot of questions xD Abstract and concept can both be used to create fantastic images. I'm teaching myself now, and as hard as it was for me to accept this fact, there is no real help to get. I can read on how to do something, but you will have to do it SO many times over that it will make or break you xD

    For the mouse, you 'can' use it, but a drawing board is a lot easier. Also, yes you can make it as a self-taught artist whos'e too poor for classes. Many people did it, and will do that in the future. Never refuse help if it's given to you though.

    I'm not practiced in Painter, so I couldn't tell you xD

    As for the picture with detail or simple. That's an artistic style, and you will have to find out for yourself what you like more. For example, you could shade by dotting or cross-hatching, it's really up to you. Would it work for the effect, convey a meaning? There is a lot of thought you need to put into a painting, and knowing various styles and masteries will help you become the best artist there is xD

    Otherwise, there is a guide's section here in the forum. There is also a reference section, and a mentoring thread where you can get a mentor to teach you to get better- for free!

    Cheers man!
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