My dream is to become a Game Designer.
Its something i have always wanted to be, ever since i booted up my commodore 64 and started playing games.
unfortunately i have no clue what to study to reach my goal!
A friend of mine in the gaming industry tells me that you cant just "become" a game designer, that you need to advance from 1 of 3 jobs in the industry.

Coding - Art - Q&A

since i have a background in Art... that's what im concentrating on.

Im interested in being educated in game level design
which will involve allot of 3d knowledge like 3dmax radiant and unreal ed...

what college is best for me???
and what programs should i concentrate on?

my choices are

George Brown

(i live in Toronto Ontario Canada)

Does anyone know where i could get some counselling ?
or maybe a website that could help me?