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    Clay model

    I pretty much have this model done now, though there is the inevitable cleaning up and the like as the clay dries out. I added the two rows of "beads" today but did not work on cleaning those up and refining them as they were too soft to do much with that way, so that will be done Tuesday.

    The helm is pretty much modelled straight-on while the head is turned slightly to his right which may not seem correct, as one might expect a helm to turn with the head, but in this case it's appropriate since the helm is symbolic not functional, and turning the helm to the same angle as the head would necessitate angling the assembly, scrolls and bird the same way and then the large scrolls and bird would probably not look even except when viewed from the one angle from the left.

    I thought angling those would create some peculiar problems for the sake of minor realism, I think the helm with it's styled backing of scrolls is more related to a "canopy" used over full bodied statues in churches and on facades than it is to something the figure would actually wear.

    So Tuesday I'll finish this up, I have a plaster shell for a mold to make and another model to start.

    This is my version of a circa 1895 original that was on a building facade in NY City, I am not trying to "duplicate", so the viewer will notice some differences between the two sculptures, but I am trying to capture the essense, and the size is the same.
    Distortion in the photo may be from the camera lens barrel effect- it was shot pretty close and at a slight angle of this flat on the table, the model was carefully laid out using a wood form screwed to a backer board for the shape, so I know the shape, left/right side angles and length are correct.

    The originals were somewhat crude and not perfectly square or even etc, so I don't worry a lot about trying to make every part of these models perfect either. The originals were also scaled in a way to compensate for the angle of viewing which was usually 5 or 6 floors below from the STREET.
    My main concern with this model was getting the face to look strong, masculine and have a serious expression, I believe I've accomplished those goals, so how do you feel about the face of this model?

    Clay model

    The 1895 original for reference;

    Clay model
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    Pretty cool! My advice: don't stop sculpting!
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    Thanks Serpian, I won't stop!
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    It may just be the angle the photo is taken from but the pupils and iris's in the eyes look as if they are at slightly different angles. Overall it's looking good x
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    Main crit I have is that the face looks more gaunt than that of the original, with less flesh around the mouth, chin and eyes. This is emphasized by contrast with the very full lips. The eyes themselves look less finished than the rest of the facial features, more like they were inscribed rather than sculpted. They could use some more attention.
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