In Photoshop and Illustrator, pressing "F" (without the type tool or editing a type layer active of course) twice and then "Tab" takes you to a fullscreen mode with no palettes or windows. Just the tool you select and whatever palette you hotkey into view for working purposes. In Painter, pressing "Ctrl-M" takes you to a windowed fullscreen that still shows menu options. In a way, this annoys me, I use Painter as my program of choice because of it's natural media look and feel and the weight savings achieved by not having to lug 30-50 extra pounds of art supplies and materials in checked baggage on international flights. When using Painter, I would also like to have a full screen devoted to just the artwork and the tool being used at the moment, it just seems to me that being billed as the industry standard program of choice for the creative execution of digital art from scratch (and also being that it's on Version 10), the programmers would have put this in by now, it's 2008, wake up. I love Painter, but I want my windowless fullscreen as described. Patch it.