Hey, I was just preparing my portfolio for SCAD. I plan to send it on a CD as a PDF (or PowerPoint, haven't dcided yet). The only thing I'm stuck on is the way to present it. SCAD's given insutrctions on the size and the resolution, but that's not what I'm on about. Here's waht I mean:

I laid most of my works on a table and stood on top of it to take the pictures. You can clearly see the point of perspective as well as the table surface.

Here, I just gave a neutral color to frame the image by removing the table surface and making that act as a border of some sort (did it in Photoshop). But the perspective is still kind of skewed.

And here, I just cropped out the borders, but to do that I had to center the crop marks on the drawing, so the sense of space is lost. That really is the only disadvantage of submitting it this way, I'd say.

Would it be better to hang these on the wall with tacks and then just have the image or submit them with borders? Or are these fair enough to not be hung on the wall. Thanks for any feedback!