Well here is a project that I am doing for a Visual development class involving Little Red Riding Hood. I decided to take a macabre stance and throw in some nightmarish elements by adapting the original story with one of my favorite twilight zone episodes "Nothing in the Dark."

For those of you who are not super geeks like myself, the premise of the episode was an old woman keeps herself shut in her house and lets no one in because she is afraid they will be "Mr. death" and kill her. She breaks her rule to help a wounded policeman (who happens to be played by a very young heartthrob Robert Redford). She takes care of the policeman and befriends him, and she soon figures out through a series of events that the policeman in fact is death and that really there was nothing to be afraid of.

Well The grandmother in my version of LRRH (little red riding hood) will be much the same a worn old woman clinging to the opulence of her faded youth. Her home on the outside will be weathered and decrepit, but on the inside will be very normal and pristine. Also the story will change where the wolf character is a "Mr. Death" and uses Little red as a catalyst to get to the grandmother finally.

Anyway, here are my blue sketches and some reference images I referred to when trying to tie together my themes. Do enjoy. Any comments, ideas, criticisms, or just idle chat is always adored.