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Thread: The Ritual

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    Red face The Ritual

    Latest painting...this one seemed like it took me forever.
    14 hrs. photoshop
    Crits welcome. Thanks.

    The Ritual

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    Did you set up the scene with a 3D program? I'm sure the stairs would have been fun to set up otherwise, lol.

    I think the desk, the items on the desk, the lady and the platform she's rising above, are all very well rendered. The feel full and like tangible 3D objects.
    However, the tree and the platform with man on it, and the corners of the room feel flat and as well rendered. The stairs seem like they're floating in space as the shadows seem wonky and I think that might have been something you could have been struggling with in the piece. I don't understand lighting well enough to tell how could be able to improve the lighting in your scene, but I'll try. I think you just need to figure what your strongest light source is what the weak ones are. my thoughts would be to have the lady and her blue/white flames emitting the strongest, so that means the strongest/crisper shadows would be cast by her. Softer and less full shadows would be cast by the candles ontop of the ones already cast by the lady and her flames. i hope that makes sense... You seem to have done something like that with the stairs and the pentagram podium, but it didn't seem to carry over much else where in the scene.
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    You've got a few focal points going on in here.
    When I visited Todd Lockwood once, he told me about the "star" of the painting, which is normally the most contrasting, most sharp, and most defined subject of a painting. The focal point.
    I'm guessing you were going for the blue lady to be the star of the painting, so I'd enhance her a bit more to make her even more eye catching. Because right now, the candles in the corner are as bright as her!

    Also, I'd make the blood on the floor less airbrushy. Try making them look more drippy.

    But overall, good job! Nice detail, and the picture really tells a story.
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    At a first glance I also thought you may have set it up in 3d, maybe you did in parts but overall this is what's undoing your piece too. Scale is incorrect, look at the stairs and the size of the man on top, either he's too small or the stairs are for giants not his size.

    The woman looks like a poser model and is blatantly different from the rest of the painting.

    The scale of the stuff on the thing which seems to be a desk on the lower left of the drawing - too big. Also make sure you show what that thing is, desk or rug on the floor?

    Have to give you props for trying to tackle such a complicated scene though, I don't have the balls for it w/o resorting to 3d so I can understand that part.

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    as everyone said, somehow this look like an early 3D render from the 90ies or someting, i think its an interesting piece but you should defenitly rework this, i think you can do better if u just take the time^^

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    it is a very nice piece. I would just try to make sure the light coming from the fire in her hands affects everything around her, especially the platform the guy is on, for it looks flat, and that is because there is not a strong reference as how light is coming on it, thus confusing about it's shape, that i believe it's supposed to be round (like a cilinder)

    I also see that the right corner of the room is giving it a flat look, and that might be cause the angle between the right wall and the wall in the back doesn't resemble a 90' angle. The rest of the composition looks fine, and i actually like how her colors put her on a diferent state, for it highlights the fact that she is being affected/manipulating some kind of magic/power not natural. good stuff!

    Edit: i forgot, if she is levitating, as i believe she is, get her a good shadow underneath. If she is not, then i think there is another confusing point there.
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    First off, thanks for the fantastic responses from everyone. The crits were excellent and I really appreciate it.

    The scene was sketch I did, and after looking at it knew I was going to need 3d max on this one. The stairs did funky things, so I needed 3d to show me what they'd look like from that viewpoint(camera angle on top of the table).

    Slugman...Your right, now that I'm looking at it the stairs do look like they're floating. Maybe some shadows underneath will help. Thanks man.

    Majest...I thought I did make her stand out enough, but now I see your right. So I'll have to make her light stronger. Thanks.

    n1va...Your right I'll give the desk a little more detail, so everyone knows what it is.

    Lotet...thanks for looking and for the crit.

    lalovergel...I'll give her light a little more power so she sticks out, and I'll round out the cylinder in front. I put a little shadow under her, but I'll make it darker to help her floating look, stick out more.

    Thanks again for all the great tips & crits. This really helped me.

    I really appreciate it.

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