Hi guys,
I am going to be offering an online drawing workshop that will teach the basic foundational principles of drawing using the bargue. I wanted to open this up to everyone on conceptart.org before I announced it through my newsletter because I wanted you guys to have the first crack at it. There are only a few slots left so be quick if you are interested.

I'll paste the info below along with some examples of some of the work my students have done in the past couple years.

For those of you wondering who I am you can see more at my thread here:



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Jonathan Hardesty:

Online Bargue Drawing Workshop

Introduction to Drawing using the Bargue:

March 1st 2008 - April 1st 2008
(Class will be limited to first 8 individuals)

This class will explore the most basic (but most often neglected) structure of how to draw. Using the bargue drawing as a vehicle, you will learn to judge spatial relationships, simplify shadow shapes, and control value and edge relationships. None of you will be just "copying the bargue". This workshop is about changing your understanding of how light acts in nature.

This class will also be an experiment on my part to see if teaching long distance like this will work. Because of that fact, if anyone wants their money back within the first two weeks I will refund it fully. If this class goes well I will have more advanced ones in the future!

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I will be giving personalized instruction to each individual taking the class. I will also do my best to provide answers to questions throughout the rest of the week, but for sure on each of those days. I figured that those days would be best considering that people can work over the weekend and ask any really important questions while in process and then the full explanations and critiques can happen on the beginning of the week.

Cost will be $150 each person for the full month. That includes all the instruction I can give to each individual, access to the training videos, materials, and examples I have created. Each individual will have a private thread where they receive all their personalized instruction...but there will also be another thread where you can show off your skills to others hehe.

The forums on my site are not intended to compete with conceptart.org just in case anyone was wondering. I will be creating threads for each individual workshop and then deleting them after sending out the transcripts to the students.

If anyone else has any question you can contact me through conceptart or by email at jonathan@jonathanhardesty.com .

First come first serve, but if I get enough people that are interested I may hold another class right after this one for the others.

***********Go to this link for all the sign up information***********


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