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    How can I key brush size to one button?

    At the Revelations Workshop, I got a chance to interview some of my heroes like Android and Sparth. In their key configs, they had somehow keyed their current brush size to a single button, and all they had to do to change brush size was hold the button down and make a pen stroke one way or another.

    I've looked through my Tablet properties, as well as the Photoshop and Painter help files trying to find a hot key, but come up empty.

    I've been tracking how much of my workflow is spent going to the size shifter bar in both Photoshop and Painter, it will be a big help. I could set a couple buttons as [ and ] (incremental size increase), but then I have to take off another button function I rely on to make room.

    So again: how do I key brush size to pen stroke?

    Thanks in advance.

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    It's likely they were using Painter which does have this option. Unfortunately, I do not believe such an option is available in Photoshop.

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    I haven't seen that in Photoshop.
    Just use your bracket keys to increase or decrease brush size.
    [ to decrease.
    ] to increase.

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