Phoenix pictures

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    Phoenix pictures

    Hey all, ok first post. I had no idea where to post this, so if its in the wrong section, though I couldn't see anywhere else to post it, please feel free to move it/delete. I'm 17, my dream is to be a concept artist for a game studio, though I have no idea where I need to go, so for the moment I am a "garage" drawer, and I'm just looking to get into the digital art scene but I am not very good. Well..if I can't be a concept artists I'll settle for a tattooist.

    Here's what I need help with.
    I've looked through about 50 pages of google image search for phoenix's and found nothing good. I want to draw my own tattoo sleeve and the main piece is a phoenix but I cannot find any good references to draw from. If anyone can get me links for good drawings/etc that would be great.

    I need good images of phoenix's like these: That kind of style..second one is best.
    http://www.tattooartist...55185_GIL_CLOSE.jpg.asp http://www.tattooartist...g77800_P1010289.JPG.asp

    Well, thanks for any help. I didn't know where to put this.

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    Have you tried searching for fawkes? (Dumbleydores pet phoenix in harry potter)
    there's probably quite a bit fawkes based fanart!
    - if not you could look at normal birds for reference?
    try stock.xchng for stock photos!

    also your links don't seem to be working!

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