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Thread: Leopard issues

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    Leopard issues

    I placed this in the lounge as well so forgive me for double posting.

    Anyone else using OS Leopard? Do other users see a sluggeshness in operating performance?
    How can I make it faster?
    Also noticed it makes PS CS3 a bit slower when painting.
    Currently PS has 80% of my RAM and 7 cache levels.

    I noticed that there is a bug with any selection tool. The ol' marching ants gets fudged up. If anyone else is having that issue, just disable or get rid of Leopards "Spaces".
    I use a powerbook G4 with (I think) 1Gig of RAM. Would love to add more but dont know if I can. How do I find out?

    I was instructed to do a cache cleaning and verifying/repairing disk permissions. How do I do this?

    Also my internet connection is slower than with Tiger. I have 3 of 4 bars on my wireless (using Linksys wireless B router).

    I suppose this is a clean install issue (didnt do it). My circumstances during the install didnt allow me to do one, such as not having all the original disks for my desired software.

    Sorry for all this. Just very frustrated with Leopard at the moment. If there were so many bugs why release it now?? Fix 'em and then release. Rrrgh!
    Advice greatly appreciated.
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    hi! i haven´t installed leopard myself yet, but i know that leopard is made for those new dual core machines to get the best performance. i work as an apple tech myself (just for the money LOL) and i own a g4 laptop, and i wouldn´t upgrade from tiger there if i would use that laptop in my prepress workflow.
    i can´t understand either why they release new systems with so many bugs. but now constructive help: you can look here:
    which model your g4 is and how much memory you can add. you can look in your system profiler (system how much already was added and what model it is.

    so, then the cache cleaning and that jazz: you can do it with the disk utility tool in your applications folder, or you can download 3rd party applications here:
    i use always onxy and cocktail. they are free/shareware and work well with the cache cleaning and they are easy to use. the buttons explain itself.
    make sure that you run them over all accounts if you perform them.

    hth, nathie

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