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Thread: Wow characters

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    Wow characters

    A pic of my World of warcraft characters, they are just about ready to go to Northrend

    Wow characters

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    You got some skill there man but the female is looking strange. Her pose is not natural. The colors are great.
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    well think of it... she's an undead.. is that natural?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Twitch. View Post
    well think of it... she's an undead.. is that natural?
    Poor excuse. She's still twisted in an odd sort of way.

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    firstly, I dig the character in the right, good pose.
    There are a few problems with the light.
    There doesn't seem to be a definite light source. You've put a lightsource behind him by puting highlight's on his silouette, but the light doesn't even seem to have much of an effect on the left character.

    The small lightsources on his armour don't seem to be reflecting onto the other parts of his costume.
    composition wise, it's ok, the weapon over the woman's head is a nice touch. The composition is very central though.
    The pose of the woman doesn't swish. Her pose is really awkward. I think you need to fix either her legs or her arms.

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