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    nest house

    Here is the painting so far. I have included the preliminary sketches which I used to arrive at the form. The one I chose to paint was most appropriate for the context of the story. It is a story about three people who live at the top of a very tall tree and have built a house out of sticks. The house should look organic. . .juxtaposed against my other house, which is very cubist and haphazard looking.

    The design or painting need anything from the little I gave you?

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    looks like a good start, I really like your style
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    I like the Idea, and the approach used to execute it. I wonder if the Narrow end of the teardrop shape would be strong enough to support the weight of the nest and people living inside (assuming it's hanging from a branch). All while keeping the teardrop shape, I might have thrown a few Larger branches at the top sticking out of the structure, that are used to attach the structure more securely,with a little variety in the angles, making sure to keep a good amount of negative space between them. however, your story does take place in a fantastic world, so it could still work. I might also pop a few sparingly around the shape, just to brake up your otherwise perfect teardrop silhouette.

    Either way, It's looking good, keep it up!
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