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    Acrylic Portrait Asignment(UPDATE:Finished. Critique on final anatomy & color please)

    I'd appreciate critiques on this. Please be harsh. I'm sure my professor will be.

    I'm working on an acrylic portrait of a friend of mine for class on Thursday. This is my very first time working with acrylic. I'm really not loving now fast it dries. I used the background to fiddle around with how the acrylic goes and on dries and shades so I didn't completely ruin the face. I needed to lay down the background anyway so that the wispy hair could be painted over it.

    There IS more to the lower right of the painting but I needed background behind the hair there so the bg went over the pencil. There will also be a hint of shoulder under the hair on the right.

    I'm painting more of this tonight so I'll update as I go.

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    Good start!

    Acrylics are indeed no fun. I don't know why they make people start painting with it.

    I think your eyes are looking kind of flat. The lids don't look like they are wrapping around a spherical form. Remember that the lid shape is more angular towards the tear duct. If you try and make the curve with a smooth stroke it will flatten out.
    Also i think her left eye is too wide and is running off the side of her face. If your using referance double check that.

    Her nose looks a little too long and out of line with the rest of the features on the face. Check the tip of the noses relationship to the wings of the nostrils. Which one is lower in perspective? Right now the wing looks lower, in this position i would think it would be more in line, if not above the tip of the nose (but then again i haven't seen your referance )

    The mouth looks a tad too low. I think probably because the nose is too long and is crowding it. Shorten the nose, and move the mouth up a little. Keep the chin where it is though, just create more space between the bottom of the lip and the top of the chin.

    Hope this helps. Good Luck! humble and uneducated opinion.


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    Thanks, Mute. I moved the nose and mouth up a tad and I fiddled with the eyes. I'm still not 100% happy with the eyes but I think they're better.

    I'm finished with this one (new homework to move on to) but I'd love a critique on it to see what I should do differently next time. Oh and NOW my teacher tells me about retarder that slows the drying time of acrylic. That would have been a helpful bit of knowledge yesterday.

    Here it is. I need to get some better daylight to get a picture of this thing. My camera is having issues picking up colors in artificial light.

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