first short resume of my "life" so far:
im 21 years old
i finished "high school" 2 years ago, and have been working / drawing meanwhile.
Last summer i wanted to apply for a 3D modeling / concept artist program. But due to lack of funds that was dispelled. Now i still dont have alot of savings or anything, but im getting stuck in the whole "ive been working various jobs that doesnt have anything to do with what i want" evil circle, and not developing my personal ambitions a whole lot.

So my standpoint right now is that i WILL start a education this summer!
comming up this march is applications for various educations here in denmark.

My concern is, the current "i guess" top choice for me would be the "Royal Danish Academy of Arts", but alot have changed there. Now you no longer get admitted for being "good at drawing", those people are actually getting scolded and told off. Thats because of the academy being a contemporary intitute wich only hails the false modernists ways. So in order to get in you have to be : "creative", "full of ideas" and "suck at visualising ideas".

You might wonder, "why bother to go for such a school, if you want to be a Concept Artist?" and its true, that it doenst make sense.

Let me explain : the program there is a 6 years long sparring with some various aknowlegded artist from around europe. And what is even better is :
ITS FREE if you get in, AND you get the danish educational aid wich is 4300 danish kroner each month for 6 years (approx 800$/month).

I know one of the students there and you can basicly only get thrown out of school for absence. Since there are no guidelines for what to achive there is just 6 years with freedom to paint.

So would it be wrong to apply with false intentions? i mean do something wacko-yet well thought-modernist-scam, get in, and then work my butt of painting realism and developing my concept skills? for 6 years...

i dont know, and if im not getting in, ill be applying for Arts History. i just have to do SOMETHING! wich will release me from 40hour working weeks.

Hope you got some moral advice here.