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    Tell me my mistakes buddy, if you want to help me..
    That's very nice of you but I see so many mistakes in mine and I suspect there are many more.
    I finally on the second day got the humor of yours... I'm slow and I'm not a games lover. but I got it finally . hehe pirates' treasure chest is so close to the core of Earth, to the hell, subways don't go there... no hope.
    I wonder what city is exactly on the opposite side of the Earth to Eskimo's land. My daughter said it is Tokyo... but I don't know .probably South Pole . I want to go visit South Pole then .

    Earth in your vision is different in thickness in some parts than another.... hahahah.
    I like the zombies riding ants... wow those ants... Yeah, insects survived us all.

    As I said you before... great sense of humor in your art work. it will survive us all together with insects .
    I like Yin and yang in the center of the whole things running in circles around nuclear energy...
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    thanks for the nod 0kelvin - I'm psyched to be part of LMS this time around, great showing from everyone

    a visual feast
    Who you gonna believe, me or your lyin' eyes? - Chico Marx


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    These are amazing pieces!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zephyri View Post

    Other stand outs on first glance, Dominus, gorgeous colours, becard, probably the nicest mermaid piece i've seen across the three threads, beautiful rendering, Kenji, I think this piece takes the biscuit for me, I absolutely adore it, and as a reservist too! bdfoster, I love your take on the subject, beautifully done, Anthony Foti, another original portrayal of the theme, nicely done indeed, and rambozo, I keep coming back to your piece for it's composition and powerful emotion, lovely stuff.

    This first round has produced some seriously epic art, guys, congrats to all who finished!
    Well apparantly I'm to thick to find the "thank button" so I'll just make do with an old fasioned reply hehe Cheers !

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    Thanks to everyone for the kind words. My avatar is now fat and sweaty in tribute to your fantastic taste.

    Like I told Chanman, I didn't realise we were in the same match till the day it was due - which is why the girl turned asian all of a sudden haha

    Love 0kelvin's piece, and man this was just a stunning round of entries. Congrats to all!

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    Awesome work everyone! I was very impressed and inspired.

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    Okelvin = Pure genius!

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    Very good pieces throughout. However, one would hope that in a competition like this the playing field would be more even. By even
    I mean equal sizes and/or dimensions. What I notice is that smaller rendered works to be displayed on the pages get overshadowed simply by the larger seemingly so uncompressed pieces. In a fair world we are all looked at equally to see who is very much different. this competition does not seem to exemplify this and in general makes the competition useless in determining who is.

    I truly hope the judging is not being done by just looking at these threads...

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