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    bhop73 Guest

    Where do you get your inspiration/ideas from?

    I'm just curious (read subject). I have a hard time thinking of what I want to paint/draw. I work in a creative job (web design) so i've thought that this could be part of the problem.. hard to be creative 24/7.

    So any thoughts?

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    Lightbulb Idea-Booster

    Just can talk about myself. My main resources are:

    * books
    * stories/novels written by my partner
    * forums like this one
    * leafing through magazines
    * structures I find in nature

    When and where do I get my ideas? When being "idle", i.e. when waking up or falling asleep, taking a shower, watching TV, being stuck in a traffic jam...

    So no problem with getting isnpiration but problems to draw all the stuff I have in mind. :p

    Imagination is intelligence having fun!

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    Calvin and Hobbes pretty much narrowed it down....

    "-You can't just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood.
    -What mood is that?
    -Last minute panic. "

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    ~ch8/10_ Guest
    Usually from music, music videos, commercials, other artists, and the outside world... dunno. Sometimes it just pops into my head.

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    Everywhere, anywhere and anytime. If all else fails, I just do some totally non related scribbling sketch and something usually gives me an idea even if it's just the way two lines look in relation to other, wierd ideas just pop into my head. If that fails, I look at other peoples art to inspire me to greater heights which usually allows me to be creative pretty quick.

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