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    I have seen some amazing work on CA and it does inspire me to try hard to become a better artist BUT! BUT! sometimes it scares me, the quality of the work here is sometimes extremely high and it can seem like an unreachable goal.

    Drawing from life the quality of my images are quite good, but when it comes to imagination they just look wrong. At times i wonder if i will ever be as good as some of the people here and if not why try so hard? !!!!!!

    So i got to thinking, could a couple of you guys post a piece you did in the early stages of your artistic development and then one of your latest so i can see if my goal to be """THE NUMBER ONE ARTIST IN THE WHOLE OF THE WORLD""" is achievable, ????

    (sorry if this is in the wrong place)

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    I can agree with most of what you said, and I never work on concept art for employment, just kinda for fun. I also never really digitally painted before recently.

    Don't be concerned about what other people did. Anyone can have a bad drawing/painting. I can spend 4 hours or 4 minutes painting a piece of junk. Just like how someone that has never drawn before can have a freak masterpiece. The key(as i see it) to being a 'great' artist, is one thing: consistency

    If you are doing art to be recognized as a great artist, you may want to think if you a motivated to do things for the right reason. Now let me just explain what I mean so it doesn't sound offensive.

    When I went to the art institute of pittsburgh, i found myself very bored in most of my classes and really uninterested in specific projects and assignments... By not really caring if something was great, or aweful, I experimented alot, took chances on things that may or maynot work, and became free from pressures of having to be at a certain level in my work. This, of course, frustrated people that didn't work and feel that way, in my classes because they were trying so hard, that if something wasn't exactly right, they felt like they would never be able to perfect their art.

    Obviously everyone is different in the world, and what works for one may not work for others. But in my experience, to get better, you have to get over yourself. As you create something, you are going to not like parts of it, or even the whole thing. You are your worst critic. The best artists on here always have something negative to say about something amazing and seemingly flawless they post. So keep in mind that it will be very hard, unless you are very arrogant, to consider yourself as one of the best artists in the world, despite what others say.

    It's also very hard to be good at everything. Do you want to be the best painter or drawer? of fantasy or reality? landscapes or characters?
    There is a huge spectrum to cover, and though thinking big may not be a bad thing, try to set realistic goals to allow for progress. (you can't just build a playstation 3 from scratch... you start with an atari, then nintendo, then a sega saturn, then a ps1, ps2 and finally a ps3)

    I'm not an expert, but I would say, if you want to get better, aim to have the art you are working on NOW, be better than the art you did YESTERDAY! Easy enough.

    Listen to advice, take chances, don't be afraid to fail, and as you said and every artist will tell you... PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!

    sorry for the loads of spelling errors and typos
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    I have to agree with ZebraHDH. Consistency is so important, you have to practice as much as you can. I seem to have problems with that too, sometimes i practice every day for weeks and i see improvement and then i get this period where i don't feel like drawing for a few days and when i start again, i find that I've become so rusty and kind of lost what I've gained in the few weeks. that sucks. also like Marco Djurdjevic said, don't be afraid to make a bad drawing, it's just a drawing, it won't bite. Learn from you mistakes. the experience you gain from that will make you a better artist.

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