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Thread: The capricious sketch-book of Taven (constructive criticism welcomed)

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    Dear Taven,

    Firstly, I'm still alive! Secondly.. Erhm... Do some STUDIES! Loomis is still a very good option!!! Secondly, I would learn how to use a pencil first before I went digital. Take out you're sketchbook and study (Draw) the world! Learn the humble (But vicious) Cube, sphere and Line.

    Draw not from you're wrist but from you're arm.

    If you have these down to a second nature (This can take a while ) Then take on the difficult shapes!

    Dont worry about ugly drawings, everybody makes them. It is the mistakes that we learn from, not from our successes.

    Now go and study and may you're art be fruitful!

    Greets and salutations,

    Writero (Who still hasnt updated his sketchbook... )
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    So it's been a very long time since I've posted, but I am still doing art. Last spring, I was in a figure drawing course, which was fun. I don't have a ton of pictures from that, but I have one or two sketches from it I'll put up. The dwarf warrior I did sometime during January, and the color version I am working on now. I did it with the smudge tool (I really need to figure out how to use brushes properly). I also had a Photoshop question, so if you're smart, you can click here and help me out.

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    The capricious sketch-book of Taven (constructive criticism welcomed)

    The capricious sketch-book of Taven (constructive criticism welcomed)
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    I've been trying to get into the habit of using my Concept Art Sketchbook again. When I went to Concept's Art "Reverie" in 2009, I was a mere Senior in Highschool. It was an amazing experience, and I got to meet Jason Manley. He told me that to be an artist, it's something that you do all the time. Whenever you have a break, whenever you have time, you practice art. It's the thing that you focus on and want.

    Throughout my life, I've had two main loves of art and writing. I think for my professional career, writing is going to win out. However, I still want to be able to create good art. Part of the problem is that I am not backing up this "want" with the work to make it a reality. It's easy to blame school or work, but I think in the end it comes down to what Jason Manley was saying--there's always time in the day that you could be using to work on your art.

    The next two weeks are my Spring Break, and I have no excuse of school work getting in the way. My goal is going to be to start actively using my sketchbook and working on my art.

    The following art contains some older stuff, and mostly new things. As always, I love any constructive criticism that you can give me. I know I have an awful long way to go before I get good.

    Attachment 1431842

    This is a continuation of my coloring of Meso the dwarf, an ArmageddonMUD character. As you may notice, I was able to flip his one arm over so that he has two full arms. He also has a lot better coloring for his face then the last time I posted. The coloring process is Photoshop CS4, and I mostly just blend colors together. I am far from a Photoshop expert, so any advice that you guys have is great. However, I'm also unlikely to work on this again until mid-may, as I couldn't figure out how to load CS4 on my new computer, and don't have access to my tablet right now.

    The following three pieces of art are my finals from my Printmaking course, which I took Fall 2011. For those of you who don't know, Printmaking involves etching things into a copper plate, or biting certain patterns with acid. All of the ones below are dry point, so no acid was used. You then print the copper plate. Depending on how you print it, you can get different results.

    Attachment 1431844

    Attachment 1431845

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    Attachment 1431847

    The above art piece is just the opening to my sketchbook, which I've been working on awhile. Ideally I'd like to eventually paint it, and show the light shining through the membrane of the dragon's wing. I may end up altering the face more to get more accurate scales. If you guys know any good scale or lizard references that would be helpful, please let me know!

    Attachment 1431848

    This is Notre Dame, as sketched from a photograph. There's some issues in size, noticeably that one tower thing I zoomed in on. I'll probably erase and fix it sometime. Due to the small scale, this piece is very challenging, but fun.

    Attachment 1431849

    These are some sketches of Elrum Irofel, another Armageddon character. I used a model for it, but you can't really tell that that specific model was used. I think that he looks too old, as well, since the character is supposed to be in their twenties or so (?).

    Attachment 1431850

    This was a class assignment, and you can tell I had a lot of fun with it. The wrinkles as you get further right get less and less accurate, but you can't really tell.

    Attachment 1431851

    These were concepts for the Time-Assassin themed CHOW. I never ended up finishing or drafting a final piece from them, but I may do so in the future.

    Attachment 1431852

    I am not very pleased with this sketch, as the linework just looks wrong to me. I think part of it is that he doesn't look like he's turning his head properly. More of an issue, though, is that the armor covering his chest just doesn't look right. Oh well. :/

    Mordrek is a character from the world of Raxxon, for which Nephyla over on Deviant Art is the main artist. She has some great works, so if you're interested you should check it out.

    Attachment 1431853

    Attachment 1431854

    More Armageddon characters, this one a set of mages. I don't really like how the snake maw in the background is turning out. It's supposed to be carved from stone. Hopefully it would look better with the proper shading, I need to find some good references for that. The figures are also very small, so it's going to be hard to color them properly. I may do a picture of just the figures blown up. It's times like these I wish my tablet was around.

    Attachment 1431857

    Sketches from photographs. I think I need to work on faces more.

    Attachment 1431859

    This is a progression of a drawing meant to display a specific skirt.

    tight jade skirt embroidered with black moons

    The jade dye on this finely woven cotton skirt appears to be deliberately
    uneven, making the color seem to undulate over the wearer's legs in a series
    of darker and lighter waves. The skirt is cut to mold itself tightly to
    the wearer's legs down to just below the knees, where it softens into
    elegant ruffles. The black silk ribbons that lace the skirt up the sides of
    the hips trail off into streamers, balancing the line of the embroidered
    black silk moons that dance around the bottom ruffles near the wearer's
    I decided that I didn't like where her hand was, so erased and tried to redefine it (her head also seemed too large). I need to get a friend to model for me so I can accurately get the angles involved, so progress is halted until then.

    Attachment 1431860

    This is just a quick clothes sketch for a character, Raleris. I drew him when he was much younger and in armor pages back. Hopefully this time I'll get past the concept steps and do a final work.

    Attachment 1431861

    He's supposed to have various scenes of battle across his chest, but it's too small to really work out.

    Attachment 1431862

    I feel like her face and pose could both use more work. I did use picture reference, but the pose changes a lot when you add thick clothes. I'll have to find someone to pose in a baggy coat sometime, and work from that.

    Attachment 1431863

    Finally, this one was drawn from life. The weather was amazing, and it was relaxing to just sit in the park surrounding the tower and draw. I may go back to finish it in person, or I may "cheat" and finish it from my photographs.

    Whew, so lots of art. Hopefully there will be lots more to come. I know I have a long way to go as I said before, but nothing gets anywhere without practice.
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