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    rich i think wit the last one the negatives look very opaque and gouachey? in a darkroom the redlight is so overpowering i feel that either the negative would be saturated with the red (and seem a bit more transparent) or for illustrative sake be more of the complementary green? and to be so bright they would need another lightsource on them, presumably a red light being in the darkroom atmosphere. it is a tough pickle! by themselves they are beautifully done though!
    btw i forgot to introduce meself, my name is mr hardass nitpick, how do you do?
    i did some sloppy rough mollyhogging of your piece to show a quickens of what i mean...

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    Wonderful stuff! I love your expressive use of color and the richness of the oils. I want to see more! This newest one has a great suspensful feeling. Great job!

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    damn Rich, I love it. The red lit darkroom is so good I can almost smell the fixer

    I also agree with Scott that the negatives in negative are super sweet. I see the point about the film not probably tearing the way you have it, though I kind of don't care. If it looked realistic, it would look cut off, which isn't very dramatic. You could maybe have made it burned off, though that probably has no relation to the story doesn't much matter in the end, it's going to make a great cover.
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    hey man, i particularly liked your portraits, and i was just wonderin, how do you apply your oil paint?

    im really new with working with oils, ive only done 2 pieces so far with them, and every time i try to achieve an effect such as the one you created in this painting:

    new illustrations and oil paints (BIG DL) update 2/12

    mine always turn out looking like they were painted with Acrylic

    do you apply with those painting knifes? or is it a special brush you use to achieve the overall effect?

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    Bandwidth exceeded! I can't see shit! Many sad faces like this one over here --->!!!

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