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Thread: I want to learn digital painting

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    I want to learn digital painting


    I want to learn the drawing style like the speedpainting pictures on this page.

    I think the style named underpainting? You draw all the time over your picture to get more and more details with different colors.

    The first question is the software to usw. I can choose between photoshop and painter x. I haven`t draw before on a paper or something else...

    My first problem are the brushes in photoshop. I use a wacom, set the opacity to pen pressure. Is that right? You use only the standard brush with this settings?

    I looked at this tutorials:

    If i try this, i have the problem that the colors doesen`t smooth very well.

    The video is nice, but i ask me, why? why he paint here and there. Use another color and do it again. And after a few times you can see a result.
    How can i learn to understanding this technic and how the colors work together?

    Its really hard to explain my problem.

    First i need an answer how to configure my brush. The name of the drawingstyle and what is the best way to understand how it works.
    After that i try it and post some results here to get some critics.

    Thank you!
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    well, if you want to learn how to paint, thats cool. first i have a question for you.

    You say you have never drawn before on paper? well, if you want to learn painting, you have to start with drawing. drawing is using lines to create an image. painting is using brush strokes to create an image. the things you see other artists do, (dropping a brush stroke and suddenly things get dimension) all begun with a very good understanding of line. NEVER start with painting. just start with the basics.

    well just draw you, draw!
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    That is something what i thought. If i can draw, i understand why the artists paint somewhere with a color.

    First i think i start here?

    But the most 3D modler can drawing, too. But i can only model...

    Im wonder about the software which the artists usw.
    At cgtalk the most 2d pictures painted with photoshop. In this forum in saw many pictures which painted with the painter.
    I have searched in google but i can`t find a nice description which software is better for painting.
    Photoshop is nice for webdesign and other pixel based illustrations, but is it be equal in drawing with the corel painter?
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    The actual software matters very little, people can do amazing work with either package. Stop worrying about that, learning to draw is what really matters
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