I often find myself sketching human figures in all of my sketchpads and I'm beginning to become rather tired of it. I need some variation, and by that I mean p.g drawing exercises that'll strenghten my creativity and/or give me a challenge.

Now this could be a difficult task of finding fitting exercises for my drawing level, and since I'm not that confident enough to show anything I've drawn, my drawing level will be a bit unknown for you who reads this.
All I can say is, that I've been studying on my own for about 3-4 years and that I'm currently attending to an lifedrawing class once a week (3 hours).

So, if you have a exercise, challenge or anything that will give me some variation in my drawing and art studies, tell me please!

I don't know if there's a thread like this here at CA already, so please tell me if there is one.(and direct me there, please).