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    Arrow Questions on Typography + Animation? and Animation-majors

    Hi. Just so I can get some consolation out of this, but has anyone in Computer Imagery or Animation ever had to take Typography as a class? If so, what were the projects you did?

    I'm taking it this semester (just started). I think everyone in there is a graphic designer and so are very meticulous. I have always found myself not being able to relate into designing things. While I know all artists are designers in a way, but I cannot sit and fidget over text and layout on a page. I know though, that if I were to animate something or render a character or a drawing I would be just as meticulous.

    Also, did anyone have to buy any special paper and adhesive spray for this class? Or in other words, materials costing up to 200 dollars? I just got a HUGE list and I know the cost is going to be very very expensive. Please let me know. I just want to know if the long run I have to take this class or not (my university requires me to take it because upcoming classes next semester or so require it, bu these classes are in no way tied into any kind of animation as such, just designing which are more tailored to graphic designers).

    One last question to anyone majoring in animation or has majored in animation (in a general university like the one I am in, or even an arts school), in what year did you start your foundation animation classes and what did they consist of. I might as well know the university you went to as well.

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    As an illustrator I would never ever shy away from taking a graphic design class. Think about the knowledge that you should be able to gain by understanding type a little better. Eventually when you graduate from your program, you will have to design things like your portfolio- even if it's an animation reel. What if you ever want to have title cards made for a film? What about the collateral elements for you after school? Things like a professional looking letterhead, a business card, a web page, etc.?

    If anything that I see is a major problem now with graduates in art programs is that a lot of the non-graphic design kids have no sense of presentation, type sensitivity or understanding of how one gets something printed. So I would highly encourage you to take this class and soak up as much as you can- if it's not from the instructor, than the meticulous graphic design students around you. Having solid typographic design skills won't kill you regardless of what major you're going into. I think you're compartmentalizing exactly what a graphic designer does a little bit.

    And when you mean "special paper and adhesive spray" for this class- what exactly are we talking about here? Give us a list of the materials that the class wants to buy. I'm curious as to what you think might be a complete waste of money here and what can be held off buying; sometimes instructors can make oddball requests but without looking at the entire list, it's hard to judge. Spray adhesive is such a staple in almost all departments and creative programs (how do you think one assembles a presentation?). If an assignment calls for it, sometimes you just gotta hunker down and spend the money on it.

    When you mean foundation Animation classes, I've always seen drawing as the primary foundation to Animation and that's right out of the gate- Day One.

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