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    Seage: yup, its much easier to be loose and get your forms together with a light and soft brush, then once you start to make some illustrative decisions to go darker and harder.

    midknight423: Thanks!

    looks like I finally kicked my bad habits and have taken my art abilities and application thereof seriously! As such Im getting my folio set and online. Im going back to my old pieces that I struggled with... be it from just being rusty, to not knowing PS very well... whatever the case Im applying my new vision and updated tool belt to make POWer pieces thatll represent my pro vision and get me a real art JOB!!!

    Im all fired up, been on point for over a month now, so Im feeling pretty stoked that my slackerage is at an end!

    so, been revamping my centaur piece. Ignore the weak sauce fuzzy shadow, the scribble in the upper right is a note to self of a pedestal type platform that Ill design on which will be placed my multitude of oncoming characters. I just thought that would be a cool element to tie in my concepts and an easy cut and paste...

    the rest are some fun doodles for a graphic tshirt Im designing for a friend... and then some more team chow... good ole thumbnails!

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