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    Peter's sketchbook

    Hello all of you,

    my name is Peter Tissen and I am 20 years old. I have been doodling ever since I can remember and I have admired the great artists here and on cgtalk for a very long time.
    Though I have been doodling for such a long time, I never got serious with it. Some years ago I tried to brush up my skills a bit with Betty Edwards "Drawing with the right side of the brain". But I stopped half way through and lost interest.
    Now I want to show some serious improvement.
    Having read often about how awesome Andrew Loomis' books are, I got to start with his 'Fun with a pencil'.

    So my first post are some studies from that book

    Attachment 274173

    I would greatly appreciate any kind of comment, tip or critique

    Oh and last but not least: I am not a native english speaker and so errors in spelling and especially grammatic will occur. If you don't understand what I want to express with a sentence please ask and I will try to rephrase it.

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    these are looking pretty good! can't really crit. what you have though so post more!

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    good form for a head base
    Are you living in the matrix or do you think all of this is real? For me, well I am pretty dang sure it is the matrix. beings.

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    Keep practicing man, its the best advice.
    Draw, draw and draw more. You'll see improvement.

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    Good to see you here. I also like doodling, check my sketchbook.

    As others said: draw, draw, and draw. I have simple resolution: make at least one sketch a day.

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    Thank you all for your comments.

    I am currently ill and so my motivation to draw or rather do anything at all is kinda small. I don't wanna scan the stuff I did with a pencil so I'm gonna show you what I drew on my DS

    I drew these 2 while being in the waiting room:
    Attachment 275811
    Attachment 275812

    The next one is a black-magician from Yu-gi-oh. The topic for the current Daily Sketch on Cgtalk is "Magician of Darkness" and this is the first thing that came to my mind.

    Attachment 275814

    The colors look totally different on the DS and I couldn't really focus so that are my excuses for the outcome of the pictures.

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    Man it's been really hard for me to get myself to draw. So almost all of these were made on the train where I got almost nothing else to do. But I am hoping to get more time once I start going to university (starting next month I'll study Computational Visualistics).

    Attachment 330819
    the baby is from one of loomis books and the rest is just scribbling

    Attachment 330820
    again some stuff from loomis books

    Attachment 330821
    loomis and basic stuff from and the face and eye to the very right is my own stuff without ref

    Attachment 330822
    some stuff from and a few own things including the face in the upper left

    Attachment 330823
    mainly own tries to get face elements right

    Attachment 330825
    everything without ref

    Attachment 330827
    the eye was more of a scribble than a sketch and the heart was inspired by

    Attachment 330829
    without ref drawn on my DS as all the following pics are

    Attachment 330830
    just a little more comic like approach to the eye

    Attachment 330831
    again a comic-styled eye

    Attachment 330832
    without ref a try to get the nose somehow shaded correctly

    As always I'd appreciate any kind of comments and critiques
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    forgot to post the last ds pic:

    Attachment 330862
    another eye this time focusing on the iris

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