I got the 12WX to work with my Asus R1E and am having no luck setting this up.

The latest tablet driver PenTablet_503-3 11_27_2007 will drive, but can not correctly calibrate the Cintiq. I have tried calibrating both monitors, and launching the pen tablet software from the cintiq screen via a desktop link (can't get the Cintiq to work in mirror mode, only extended desktop mode). I've tried all combinations of this, and the calibration screen always appears on the tablet PC monitor. Never the Cintiq monitor.

The driver that came with the Cintiq simply knocks out all tablet functionality on the tablet pc. I think this driver is not for use with tablet pc's, only desktops and regular laptops. but frankly it works better than PenTablet_503-3 since the Cintiq is useable, and can serve as a pointer for the tablet screen. This is what I'll have to use until the problem is resolved.

Finally, neither the tablet PC nor the Cintiq will recognize the other's pen. I'd like to use the 12WX pen across both monitors. This reviewer:


appears to have used a Cintiq 18SX pen with his Asus R1. Shouldn't the 12WX pen also work?

Thanks, I appreciate all help.