IDW #55: Cutlery

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    Icon IDW #55: Cutlery

    Topic: Cutlery

    Background: probably doesn't sound very exciting, but that is exactly what this topic is about. Design a set or range of cutlery with a destinctive style (like from an elfish culture, dwarven travelgear, futuristic restaurant cutlery or whatever you can come up with).

    The focus of this round should be on rendering of different materials and relation of shape and form. I want you to make a set/range of cutlery with a clear form language so that each seperate piece of the set clearly belongs to the other pieces of the same set. Also, this is a great opportunity to try and render different types of material, as there are some seriously weird pieces of cutlery which have all kinds of materials like minerals and ivory in the design.

    What kind of cutlery is completely up to you. It can be a simple spoon, fork or knife, a combination of the three, or something completely else.

    1. Design and draw a set/range of cutlery.
    2. It has to have a specific formlanguage so that each seperate piece of the set clearly belongs to the other pieces of the same set.
    3. This topic is a great opportunity to try out and render different types of materials. I suggest you do some research for this topic.
    4. That's it... now draw!

    Deadline: Saturday Januari 5 2008 (please notice, I'm going to try to close the round the same time next week as I did with last round. This way I hope to avoid any confusion about when the deadline is exactly. If it doesn't work I'll try something else next time )


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    This sounds like a good topic. Can we include characters?

    My time behind the pencil and more

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    johnnyhotrod: Uhm, if you really want to include characters I won't stop you, but I would advise you to focus on the cutlery itself. This isn't CHOW here. Also, if you compare the size of a knife with that of a human character, the knife is rather tiny. If you then make a rendering of the whole I think the last thing people will notice is the actual knife. Only if the use of your piece of cutlery really needs some explanation would I consider adding humans, and even then a simple hand holding it would be enough in most cases. Rendering of materials and form-family are more important in this round.


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    I might jump in on this.


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    Not the most inspired cutlery set but I was inspired to practice. Any and all comments are apreciated. WIP

    Don't worry about sending it to poll yoitisi as it's still in a pretty rough state. Thanks for the comments all.

    Last edited by qbertp; January 5th, 2008 at 05:20 AM.

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    ha, i own a set of chisels that look just like your spoon. eating is a very natural, intimate activity, i can't see the hard, dangerous aesthetic working too well.

    also, i know you haven't even though about backgrounds at this stage, but it made me lol - it looks like a police line up of weapory.

    seriously though, this is product design. think about the person using it. by all means use those materials, but can you justify it? yes? check out the form - is it easy to hold, is it easy to store, wash, eat with, stack in a drawer, dispose of, recycle?

    less workshop tool, more emotional enjoying food tool. well thats a practical way to approach it... but this is conceptart...


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    as the subject is extremly interesting im going to particiate (this is the way it's spelled?).


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    Nothing amazing, but I like 'em.

    Tired of spending hours hunting down a tasty human, only to to have to drag it back home to get to the best bits? Well, now you don't have to, thanks to the new Field Eviso-Set!
    Use the handy Eviso-Knife to slice the belly right open and then flip it over for easy gutting! No more need for gutting hooks with chains that can easily become tangled in your soon to be meal!
    But, what about those delicious eyeballs? With the handy Eviso-Spoon, all you have to do is scoop into the eye-socket and twirl! The patented Eviso-Edge severs the optic nerve quickly and easily, without damaging the eye! Then, simply scoop the eye out! It's that easy!
    Ok, you've got your guts and delicious eyeballs, but what about the tastiest treat of all? Well, with our Eviso-Wedge, you can easily crack open even the hardiest skulls to get to the delicacy that is the human brain! Simple taps to the temples and the bridge of the nose will cave the front of the skull as easily as a nutcracker opens a walnut! You get your scrumptious brain without the fuss of complicated extractors and without the damage caused by traditional means!
    The Field Eviso-Set: For People who love People

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    I personally love this topic if you ask me. count me in!


    The Necronomicon Cutlery

    Forged from hellfire and the undead, the "Necronomicon Cutlery" can only be suggested to delusional cult leaders or complete nut cases interested in meeting you know who. It is not a comfy set nor is it meant to be. The Necronomicon Cutlery is very distinct for having real flesh and bones attached to each set and spewing tentacles on each bottom tip. The cutlery is in fact best described as a living breathing cutlery.

    ...did we forget to mention it sucks your life-force by latching onto your hands thus making you into a zombie as well. Oh well, your pain is our gain.
    The blade really does cut like a son of a gun though.

    Last edited by Trashy; January 6th, 2008 at 02:14 AM.

  11. I'm not in...

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  12. here is my entry)


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    Jim Hatama: Is this your final entry already or just the concepts? They don't really match each other I think, especially the fork doesn't really match with either the laser-knife or corkscrew spoon. I suggest you pick one and expand it into a range, but right now they look like 3 different concepts to me and you say it's your entry for this round, so please make sure what it is. Thank you


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    jim, the concepts of the fork and the knife are goddamn marvelous!

    that knife is a fricking good concept and beautifully drawn!

    i think that the fork need little more attention to its handle design, to bring it to match the knife visual concept. other then that, its also has great thinking behind it.

    as for the spoon, it doesnt fit.

    think of it as a fluid gatherer and holder tool. maybe make an energized tractor beam pump in its tip that transfer the fluid to the small, well, spoon shaped container. i bet youll think of something better.

    anyway, as for now, i sure as hell gonna vote for you, even if its only for this wonderfull knife.


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    Jim Hatama: I thought your design was absolutely awesome and the concept for that laser knife of yours is sick man! Awesome concepts for real. I can't wait to see what you release on the final.


  16. Thanks for comments and suggestions everybody)) Here I tried to put them all on the same design, so they look more like they are from the same set. Lazer fork for better food penetration! (lazers goes offline then close to humans but broken ones and illegal ones can be used as a weapon) Spoon is like free gift though, just ordinary spoon but with circle in it.


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    Jim: the knife is amazing like everyone else has said already but, it feels like its kind of lacking on the fork and spoon as Yoitisi said before. Most sets of silverware have the same designs on them as well as the same type of handle which in turn makes them look like a set. While you have created three very neat different pieces they are just that, different. You should maybe try to make slightly larger handles for the fork and spoon and use that neat design that’s on the knife on them.

    This is only a suggestion and my opinion therefore it may not be worth very much but, I really love your knife design and I would like to see the set complete.

    "The greatest obstacle to discovery isn't ignorance, but the illusion of knowledge."

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    Jim Hatama: Looking much better You could play a little bit more with the handle maybe, as the knife has a destinctive pattern that could really pull the fork and especially the spoon together, but I won't deny it to poll as it is now.

    Trashy: Good to see some WIPs. The last sketches look good although need some more work. I would try some more variations for the fork, as it really springs out among the other two. I think this is because the handle is higher up and a bit longer than the other two, and a lot of the 'weight' of the design is not at the bottom but at the top under the actual blades of the fork (probably due to the heavy lines there, but still).

    Ninjamuffin: I like the initial concept, but your entry definately needs some more work before I take it to poll. The spoon looks a little out of place because its more delicate than the rest.

    qbertp: Still very much a WIP, I hope you'll update it before I create the poll. The three really work like a set, allthough I have to agree that it might not be very user friendly with all the sharp edges.

    I thought I'd leave you all a comment, as it's awefully quiet in here Are we going to get some late surprises or is everybody else at Revelations?


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    Hey everyone thought I'd get in on a little culinary action. Very interesting topic.

    So far looking at all the WIPS that are up. Yoitisi has pretty much said what I would have. Very cool idea Jim...and Trashy love the "living utencils" concept. I can really see them animated.

    Anyways here are my WIPS:

    I came up with the idea of some cutlery made out of glowing crystal...but evil looking so I went with emerald...then changed the hue to gold just to see the effect.

    Any comments?? The final will have more detail and rendering.


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    Yoitisi: Truthfully I’ve been working on this off and on, I’m hoping to get it finished by tomorrow night but, I am not going to make any promises since I still have a lot left at the moment. It’s been a long week so far, not much time.

    Rain: seems like you and I think somewhat alike. I also thought of a glowing crystal though my design is a lot different from what you have posted at the moment. I’m very interested in seeing how you pull it off, the greatest of luck.

    "The greatest obstacle to discovery isn't ignorance, but the illusion of knowledge."

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    kMh: Thankx. Its always interesting to see how two artists interpret the same idea. Can't wait to see yours


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    I tried to draw many sets, in the end theese 6 where the best.
    I feel a bit guilty because I didn't change the original form of the cutlery. I just designed over the original forms.
    Out of topic: I really really sympathize with the poor dishwashers in charge of all these sets


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    don't close! i'll have mine up in 15 mins


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    Nutkin: Don't panic, I'll close this thread in about 22-24 hours from now. Good to see some more entries already, I was getting worried


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    Ahh, some more time is good.

    crit me up!


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    i wanted to do something to do with disposable cutlery - but i couldn't decide whether to do proper cutlery styled like disposables, or disposables styled like proper cutlery. i think this works though ^


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    Here's my entry, sorry if the colors are not that great, i'm still learning the ropes in that matter.

    Here's the cutlery set from the Forest Ghosts, a group of underlaws that live in secrecy plotting the rebellion against the tyrant.

    The set comes in a tin can for protection and it is compact in size, it is one of the most valuable possessions of a Forest Ghost.


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    My Entry

    Final Entry:

    "Wanting to be human, the young robot built cutlery."

    Hope you guys like!


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    Orion stunning concept and artwok


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    Hope the poll isn't closed yet....

    Last edited by :::rain:::; January 5th, 2008 at 10:02 PM.

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    I agree, awsome concepts Orion.

    Heres mine:

    Floating cutlery, carved from Forest crystal and Black Thesium. Used only by the Dark Prince.

    Last edited by :::rain:::; January 5th, 2008 at 10:09 PM.

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