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    Lost with scale and perspective among other things need help!

    Hails CA. I'm painting an image of a massive hollow cavern housing some cultist tower. Two idols (big statues) stand at either side of the structure. I wanted to convey a sense of adventure, so I had a figure in the foreground kind of stumbling upon all of this - ensiferous. But it presented an interesting, and frustrating problem.

    People keep thinking that the foreground figure is of equal size to the statues and structure int he distance. I've done somethign wrong. Is there a way I can make that structure massive again without minimizing my protagonist to a speck? Thanks.

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    There are two possible problems that could be affecting your picture. The first thing is that people are viewing the picture on a computer, which limits the ability to see the picture in its entirety. This takes out the view of the path, which makes the adventurer and the statues look like they are on the same plane.

    Similarly, the adventurer is just as blurry as the statues. This also makes them look like they are on the same plane. Try making the adventurer sharper.

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    I'd suggest making the adventurer bigger or take and have just his head/shoulders in the lower left corner

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    There are two components to perspective. The first is how our eyes see the world, which is known as linear perspective. The second component is how our brain sees perspective. The latter is usually explained in a few key concepts: overlap, vertical placement on picture plane, size relationship, etc. It's the size relationship issue that you're dealing with. Even though the statues in correct perspective, they ended up at the same size as the figure in the foreground, so our brain sees them as on the same picture plane. Either make the figure closer to the viewer so he's much bigger than the statues or put the figure closer to the statues so he's obviously much smaller.

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    I am not an expert but i will tell you what I would do.

    Another way of gaining the perspective you want is through levels of detail. IMO the problem is that the foreground has the same detail as the background and middleground.

    One of the problems when first looking at the picture is that the steps the main character is on is not immediately visible as steep steps in the foreground. I would detail the ground especially just left of the knight, making sure to put a sharp contrast where the path stops at the edge making clear the overhang.

    another thing you could do which is an old trick is to put the same object at the various levels of foreground, middleground and background. You tried to do this with the little guy in the background but I think to make it clearer you could use something following the path i.e a burning post/stick that goes every five metres or so down the path. This would make it easier to show the distance and steepness of the path in the bottom left. and make clearer the scale.

    hope I helped.

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