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    Quote Originally Posted by Fishspawn View Post
    Hey man if you really want to get better at the figure stop drawing so much from anatomy books and go draw real people! It's a lot better for you and a lot more fun ~ Keep up the good work
    Quoted for truth. Making 100s of Loomis and Wes-heads only brings you so far. doing those head from RL is here it's at!

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    Hey Algenpfleger! U callin me bastard! U're the worst bastard of hole ca!!
    Without u i wouldnt draw that much! u kick my butt so hard! but im really really thankful for that! keep it up and pull us with u!! hope we will meet some day in real life for some crazy 24/7 drawing marathon or something like that!
    keep up the passion! u're drivin us all nuts!!
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    Congrats on imagineFX, Damn ur gotta push me so hard in drawing more than u xD

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    Beautiful studies. All those models faces are great - you captured the face perfectly with very few lines.

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    Hey Algenpfleger. I know you take critique seriously and learn from it so I hope I'm not totally talking rubbish here.
    I've been needing to write you about this for a few days after looking at your anatomy figure drawings. I think I know what can help you with your problems with the anatomy and foreshortening. I think you might need some more work understanding the form. That's why you have problems with fore shortening and anatomy. To be able to render the volume correctly it needs great understanding of the form and perspective as well. The foundations that you build upon will have big effect how far you can take your art and the foundational skills will help you over come illusional problems later on your career. I would highly suggest that you'd tackle upon perspective and get a good grasp on that. Needless to say that perspective is needed everywhere and you can't do without it. Check out Perspective DVD series and get Joseph D'amelio's perspective handbook to go with the DVD lessons. Those will put you on a solid perspective understanding. Also I'd suggest doing some sculpting. That will greatly help you improve understanding the form and you can combine it with learning anatomy. Check out products.

    Also a good exercise to learn to render the form is to put a "wireframe" on the drawing.

    Hope this can help you on your way to stardom. All the best!
    "Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway."

    Jussi Tarvainen



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    congratz on imagineFX as well, love your commitment, inspires me to work hard as well! Thx! and keep up the great work!
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    Holy, I just joined at midnight last night and got a few pointers before uploading my sketchbook with a few little pics I've done in the last month... But your dedication? I'm only awed. I have no idea how I'd fit the amount of drawing you do in one day into one of my WEEKS!

    Keep up that good work man, you are a true inspiration to a n00b like me. I've got to get one of those drawing pads for my computer...

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    Hey algen, it's have been a while that I didn't post here, and congrats for imaginfx exposure ! You earn it ! Your studies are great as always ! You are my biggest inspiration man, keep it up

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    Hannes, dear, been a while since I stopped by! Still mass-producing masterpieces and studies I see

    I love your latest SPs, how you've been playing with different styles and perspectives, pretty awesome stuff! Also, you're doing more pencil portraits, it's clear that your pencils are sharpening up! ('scuse the pun :'D) You're now nailing your own likeness with every piece, so definite improvement there, as you struggled somewhat with that initially. Your hard work really pays off! Man, when you get all famous and have time to make fancy commissions, I'm so gonna let you paint my portrait. Pretty please?

    Looking at your SB always makes me want to draw, thanks so much for the inspiration. Unfortunately I'm sicker than a...uh, very sick person right now, so I don't have the energy to draw. Laying in bed and browsing CA is pretty much the only thing I'm capable of now! But I'm gonna save that inspiration boost for later when I'm all good. Take care, buddy
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    This post:

    In itself is amazing!

    Algenpfleger you really do learn how to draw Algenpfleger learns to draw (He really does!) 2014 - New Sketchbook!

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    Farsh, thanks a lot man! Dead rats? o_O Like... dead... rats? Seriously, that's fucked up

    Faust, hahaha xD

    flamable, thanks a ton! Color's right here

    zulu, tyvm!

    Noe, wow, thanks a lot! Errm yeah... do I talk myself down? D: It's just what I think about my stuff... okay, I should just shut up. Umm the arm references come from Birdgman and Hogarth aaaaaaaaaand from life. Easy to tell which is which haha And yes I've been planning to work big, but I didn't... do it yet... ._.

    miguelslo, thank you!

    Chris Noeth, thank you Sir!

    agelaos! Wow thanks for the awesome critique and advice and everything. Yeah, you're completely right. Hmmmmm motion studies, I should be able to find some of those on the net, that ounds awesome! Thanks!

    mentler! Thank you

    Shalite, whoooooooo thanks \O/

    Aurlie, darling, thank you, I'll try!

    Dile, that's right!

    Seyreene, more profiles, hmmmmm you're right! Danke

    Maestro Andres, thanks a ton, haha, no, MindaCandyMan's and bumskee's books should be part of everyone's breakfast!

    Asatira, tyvm

    Daniol, thanks dude! Yeah, I've been struggling with the eye distance ever since I... started drawing... heh.... I'll get it right eventually

    lilnebo, yay thanks! Wow you need to install Adblock Plus o_o Thanks for the screencap!

    Lew, hey thanks!

    Weakest, well the reason I started with digital stuff instead of just learning to draw first was just that I'm a retard :X Digital stuff just seemed so much "cooler" than anatomy and everything. Haha, I still pay the price for that mistake... wrote you a PM!

    EtherRain, thanks buddy!

    Rockhart well I'm not the one who writes all those posts ;p Thank you

    jenaea, woot! Ty!

    Fishspawn, I know There's just no figure drawing class here Only internet with lots of nekkid peeps. Maybe I should study them more.

    Faust, I knoooooooooow. Ah guess why I want to go to artschool :-/ Here where I live, there's not even a coffeeshop where you could sit down to draw.

    Soja, yes I do! Bastard! Haha, there you have it. Thanks a bunch man, and yes I'd love to meet some people in RL sometime, maybe at the next sketchmeet or something like that?

    Galaxis, thank you!

    Chate Noire, thankies!

    Yuza, dude, honestly - how is a DVD going to help me with the fact that I have trouble drawing a cube in perspective or constructing a torso? I need to have that stuff in my brain, not on my harddrive. Skill comes through practice, not through watching other people do it. You're basically right, yes I suck at volume and structure and form, but I'll get that right with practice. Thanks a lot though, I know you mean it in a good way Try not to get ripped off with "Ten-easy-steps"-products too often.

    yongs, thank you! Ummm... is that IFX feature so special? I mean, I'm not even in the magazine, just on the homepage.... You can congratulate Poshspice for being the cover!

    obsidiousrise, thanks a ton mate

    Walid, cheers!

    Asa! Heartie! Oh, so sorry to hear you're sick Hope you get well soon! Thanks for the nice words, and the pun was awesome xD And yes I'd love to do that haha, provided I can make paintings look like they're supposed to look by that time

    Slechtvalk, yay thanks!

    So.... (The lovely Chlochette colored this one, check out her wonderful book!)
    Attachment 487199

    I wanted to take a few days off because I felt like my head was exploding... so I practiced guitar and played around with some audio software... but in the end I ended up painting as usual... and did something that kinda describes that I've been having about life lately... everything's just rushing by and I lost grip of reality a bit... no refs on this one, ten hours maybe...
    Attachment 487194

    Then there's a few torso studies... from bumskee's stuff, Kevin Chen's demos, photos, imagination...
    Attachment 487228
    Attachment 487234
    Attachment 487237
    Attachment 487238
    Attachment 487239
    Attachment 487241
    Attachment 487244
    Attachment 487245
    Attachment 487251
    Attachment 487252
    Attachment 487253

    A doodle...
    Attachment 487197

    Some more face studies...

    Attachment 487208
    Attachment 487211
    Attachment 487218
    Attachment 487222

    Pyramid Head!
    Attachment 487195

    Attachment 487201
    Attachment 487202
    Attachment 487205

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    woaah, sooo goood.
    loove the finished piece. great sky, clothing, face and grass.. I mean look at the grass! everytime you finish something it's so much better!
    oh and don't forget to feed all the people in your basement doing your studies. they're doing a great job as well.
    haha seriously your amazing

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    Hi there!
    I allways spy on your SB and i never say anything...So i will say something (?)
    Your studies and colors are great!
    I specially like your last work of the bleeding nose girl.
    But what i really enjoy are your self portraits, your eyes are beautifull.


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    really nice uddate :]
    i like when you work little more it's really interesting too
    when i see your self portrait.. maybe it's really good idea for learn, (i will see that for me too haa maybe post here haha)

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    "I wanted to take a few days off because I felt like my head was exploding"
    Who was right? Hum? Hehehe

    Beautiful update as usual!

    Edit : NO ! Better than usual!
    Last edited by Clochette; October 9th, 2008 at 09:43 AM.
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    koppa says:
    i could kick an eggs ass if i wanted to

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