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    Cow C.O.W. - #104: Nightmare Before Christmas - Voting!


    Topic: Nightmare Before Christmas

    Deadline for the voting: Monday, 07th January 2008

    Posting thread (closed):


    OK - before voting/posting read this!!!

    1. Please give c&c or a reason why you voted for the image!

    2. Feel free to comment on any or all entries, the artists will appreciate it!

    3. No voting for your own entry!!! If a participants votes for his own entry, every member has the right to call him a stupid lame moron in this thread! And i will delete his/her vote anyway...

    4. The poll is public. Your vote will be seen.
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    1st try at COW.

    C.O.W. - #104: Nightmare Before Christmas - Voting!

    Artist: Apocalypse_Rex

    Concept: nightmare_before_christmas

    The myth of the yuletide reindeer 'Rudolph' was in fact based on a typically misunderstood and reclusive species which was eventually driven to extinction by the human race.

    Before the species' untimely demise, they were often used for haulage in northern wastes because of their great stamina and cold weather adaptations. Once it was found that these beasts were so useful they were quickly employed to boost profits and could be found all across northern areas within a matter of months.

    It was realised too late that long periods of forced load-bearing caused some hormonal imbalances which brought out the territorial, violent and ultimately deadly nature of these beasts, and many haulers were missing or dead after the animals went berzerk during a dark winter.

    this event was known by locals as 'the nightmare before christmas' and by the summer of the next year the species was declared extinct after being culled, hunted and trapped til none could threaten the delicate northerners' economy any more.

    Over time, attitudes softened to this creature, and it is now only remembered fondly in the well known christmas tale. Forgotten are the wings and proud stature of this creature, and his mythical form is much more that of traditional reindeer. The one facet of the true species which remains is the red nose which is used in courtship and mating rituals for display.

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    C.O.W. - #104: Nightmare Before Christmas - Voting!
    Artist: nightblue

    Concept: The Green Giant

    The Green Giant feeds on children who walk away from their parents when they go pick out their Christmas trees at night. They appear in their victims' dreams the night they saw the children, chasing them across the massive, empty, snowy plains. Most of the children escape by waking up before falling into the long fingers of doom, but some unfortunate youngsters never wake from their sleep.

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    Artist: rWDrK

    Concept: Nightmare before christmas
    This creature travels behind santa. If santa dropt the presents, this creature steals everything back. All this happends every year, the night before christmas. That why this creature has no other name then "Nightmare before christmas.

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    C.O.W. - #104: Nightmare Before Christmas - Voting!

    Artist: bigmikey

    Concept: Bearded Creeper

    The Bearded Creeper spends much of the year lying dormant underground, coming to the surface once a year for a few weeks in December to feed. During those weeks it prowls the alleys, gorging itself on whatever it can find.

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    Noble Worm

    C.O.W. - #104: Nightmare Before Christmas - Voting!

    Artist: Sapphire

    Concept: Noble Worm

    The Noble Worm, so-called because of its nesting preference of noble fir trees, lays its eggs within the branches, where they gestate for a period of ten months. Their shape allows the developing embryos to remain on these fir trees, even after they've been cut and trimmed for the common holiday of their hosts. Once the egg ball is ready to hatch, the top unfurls and dozens of tiny larvae crawl out onto the ground and scurry away to feed parastitically on the blood of sleeping hosts within the home. They grow very quickly.

    The adults are many feet long, and develop strong talons that allow them to hang down a chimney and wriggle inside of a home to gorge itself on the habitants within. This is particularly a problem around late December, because people use their fireplace more often, and tend to leave the flue open.
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    C.O.W. - #104: Nightmare Before Christmas - Voting!

    Artist: Joey-b

    Concept: Rudeer

    This animal has been talked about in fairytales
    this shortned story sums it up i guess.

    You thought santa's deers are just normal creatures, well... guess again..
    Santa hates unhappy people, so he decided something needed to be done
    So he got himself some Rudeers.. they have a very nice ability that normal deers dont have
    In the nights before Christmas they head out into the world, they visit all the people in the world.
    They enter the bedrooms and lean over the sleeping people.
    Than their chest opens up and they suck up all the nightmares people have...
    This is they way these guys eat... Nasty huh?

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    C.O.W. - #104: Nightmare Before Christmas - Voting!

    Artist: Scorge
    Concept: Poinsettia coal shitter
    After centuries of personally delivering coal to the naughty children in the world, Santa could no longer keep up with the world's ever expanding population. Millions of Poinsettia's are purchased all over the world every year, allowing for Santa's born and bred solution, the Poinsettia Coal Shitter to infiltrate the homes of the children who have been bad, and give them exactly what they deserve, maybe even scare the shit out of them in the process.
    Its stomach loaded with coal, the Poinsettia works his magic.
    Have you been good this year?
    Check it out
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    my first COW entry - C&C are welcome

    C.O.W. - #104: Nightmare Before Christmas - Voting!

    Artist: Novbert

    Concept: Xarotonga (a.k.a. Santahead Treehugger)

    This peaceful parasite – inhabitant of the tropical forrests of Aldebaran-V – spends virtually all of its life on the same wuawu tree sucking the sweet sap of the tree. The Xarotonga - or as the human astronauts who discovered this weird creature named it after its special body shape: Santahead Treehugger – is an all-female species reproduces via parthenogenesis two or three times a year with each litter containing 1-2 pups.The feet of newborn Xaratongas are very well-developed and strong, so they can easily climb off the tree and take long distances in order to find a suitable, vigorous wuawu tree to live on. Once the little Xarotonga finds that tree, she climbs up on it, gnaws through the thick bark of the tree with her modified mouth and starts to feed. As Xarotonga never leaves its chosen tree the muscles of her legs atrophy gradually.
    Xarotonga has a unique defensive mechanism against carnivores: it’s her frightening screams. Her apple-sized lidless eye scans her sorrundings constantly and if she sees a potential enemy approaching, she makes a terribly loud high frequency sound with her large, yellow, mouth-shaped organ on her back. How this sound takes effect is not yet known, but the fact is that fearful panic takes hold of every living who hear it.
    Xarotonga is the totem animal of the local Vokioki tribe. In their language the name ‘Xarotonga’ means: ‘The One Whose Screams Make Your Blood Freeze’
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    C.O.W. - #104: Nightmare Before Christmas - Voting!

    Artist: Miasmamann

    Concept: Christmaredillo

    Santa Claus' bag is a gate to a whole parallel universe, where, among phantastillions over phantastillions of presents, some very strange Creatures lives. One of these creatures is the Christmaredillo. In the night before christmas, when Santa Claus distributes the presents under the Christmastrees all over the world, some of these strange, glowing, little, partially scaled marsupials can escape this dimension and settle between the presents where they are hardly to detect because they look like alluring glowing presents themself.
    When a Child wants to peep at its presents in the night without permission a Christmardillo can smell the bad conscience and will release a toxic gas out of a gland in it's back, that let the child fall asleep and have veeeery bad nightmares.
    Because Christmardillos are from another dimension they cannot live long in our universe and so they disintegrate before morning brokes.
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    Artist: Manaburn

    Concept: Ornamental Death Beetle
    The o.d.b. is a highly specialized insect predator able to mimic the form of most anything tree related . It's common prey being tree dwelling creatures, it is only when accidently brought into human dwellings that we see the envenimation and rapid death of humans, due to it's potent sting.

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    C.O.W. - #104: Nightmare Before Christmas - Voting!

    : edujante

    Concept: GRRRUDOLPH
    Angry and killer beast, hunting green dwarves amd eating santas carrot cakes.One day, Santa Klauss, a magician, convert it in the red nose animal that everybody loves
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    C.O.W. - #104: Nightmare Before Christmas - Voting!

    Artist: Lander

    Concept: St.As Parrot
    This bird is the pawn of Santa Claus evil brother St.As who uses the bird to destroy what ever he can of the x-mas spirit. This bird have been seen leaving the scene of the crime after opening all the presents delivered by Santa Claus. It's one of it's kind and has no mate known to man.
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    C.O.W. - #104: Nightmare Before Christmas - Voting!

    Artist: southern

    Concept: Asboid Wolf

    Santa had a really bad year in `83 so he bred his own line of Xmas Guard Dogs..the Asboid Wolf. A very placid creature most of the time. When worked up or hungry these creatures have a tendency to berserk (often causing massive damage to life and limb in the process). Many an innocent Elf has been devoured when the A-Wolf leaps into action.

    Never the less, crime in Santa's Grotto is now a respectable NIL and that is all down to Santa's very own `Nightmare before Xmas`, the Asboid Wolf.
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    Failed quality check (sloppy artwork and/or insufficient artistic quality)


    not accepted entries:

    All WIPs/sketches/not finished yet/placeholder/yaddayaddayadda images...

    Your creature was too much of a character...

    Your creature design was...err...a present. Also your concept didn't make much sense. You said the creature wakes up when children don't believe in Santa the presents are actually creatures which are asleep when children believe in Santa? How can they be opened then...I really enjoyed your style, but it just didn't work this time

    This is COW, not CHOW

    close to rejection:


    special note:


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